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Section L - The Pointless Gigantic List Database

This is my site's supplemental chapter, which deviates from the rest of the content in that it catalogues numbers and miscellany in list format instead of discussion stuff in articles. The main list in this section is the 6-part Pointless Gigantic List of Numbers (PGLN for short), a very long list of numbers that aims to give a reasonably comprehensive coverage of all the kinds of numbers out there.

This is a list of numbers that are not nonnegative real numbers, including the negative numbers and the complex numbers.

This part of the list is devoted to any and all numbers from zero to a million, like 1.44466786..., 53, 211, and 142,857.

Numbers between a million and a millionduplex (1 followed by "1 followed by a million zeros" zeros), including billion, the Rubik's Cube number, googolgong, and megafuga-four.

Now for some numbers that are bigger and scarier like tritri or googondol, but still small enough to express or approximate with notations like Knuth's up-arrows (with a googol up-arrows or less).

This section's numbers QUICKLY blast into the stars with numbers like Graham's number or Bowers' tetratri expressible using functions of order type w^w like Bowers' linear arrays, but they only scratch the surface of what googology has to offer!

This part has unspeakably huge numbers like a gongulus or a tethrathoth expressible with functions of order types between w^w and gamma-0 in the fast-growing hierarchy, passing up the important order-type epsilon-zero along the way.

Part 6 of this list has even more horrifying numbers like the blasphemorgulus and TREE(3), ending at the order type ψ(Ω_w) which is believed to be a turning point in BEAF.

L.8. PGLN7 (order type ψ(Ω_w) ~ ????) [unreleased, probably will merge with PGLN6]
The last part of this list will have the most unspeakable numbers known to man like guapamongaLoader's number, and in the end uncomputable numbers like Rayo's number and BIG FOOT.

This list of infinite numbers is a supplement and sort of continuation of the list of finite numbers. Infinite numbers are way more important to googology than you might think.

This is a timeline on anything related to googology, aiming to be "semi-comprehensive" similarly to my number list.

As yet another supplement to my list of numbers, this a list of functions ordered by growth rate, ranging from simple things like the factorial or the fuga- function to advanced googological functions like the TREE function, Bird's U function, and Goucher's xi function.