Jan 1, 2015


Well ... happy new year readers! It's 2015, and what else is new? Since it's the start of 2015 I feel like now's a good time to make an announcement for this website, about progress and plans and whatever else.

A year ago this website didn't exist, but only in just over seven months (particularly in the last three) it grew from a website of some random stuff, to a huge project and web-book all about large numbers! I can't say I'm not impressed with what I've accomplished with this site in 2014, especially due to how humble it started off (even at the beginning of the revamp into a web-book style site). So what are my plans for 2015?

I'm not too far from done with parts 1 and 2, and in January and February I will hopefully finish both parts. Here's what I still haven't finished in those parts:

- article in part 1 on large numbers in probability

- coverage of Bowers' and Knuth's -illion schemes

- review pages for parts 1 and 2

That's it (unless I decide to add some more articles to those parts)! After that, starting perhaps in March, I'll get to work on part 3 of this site, which will probably cover large numbers up to order-type epsilon-zero in the fast-growing hierarchy - Bowers' linear, dimensional, and tetrational array notation, Goodstein sequences, the fast-growing hierarchy (below epsilon-zero) itself, and so on. Perhaps what's most notable there is for me to cover the work of Jonathan Bowers, who has made a fascinatingly designed array notation which unfortunately has gotten a shabby reputation these days due to its ambiguities. I hope to finish part 3 by fall 2015 or so, but I have no idea how long it'll take as of this writing.

Part 4, when it is released, will cover some even more advanced googology, going way further into Bowers' notation to the point where googologists haven't agreed how it should be defined. These days many people in the googology community have decided to accept that Bowers' notation is ambiguously defined and do nothing about it, but I plan to instead shed light on the mystery of this astounding notation when part 4 comes. So expect some major work on covering the work of Bowers in 2015. In 2016 or later I will probably start parts 5 or 6, though right now I'm not certain even how exactly part 3 will look in the end.

In addition, there are some other things I plan to do with this site - largely improvements to my number list, like releasing the update to part 1 of the list, releasing part 7 of the list, and finishing the list of infinite numbers. In addition I plan to work on the section on my own googology (mainly the "alphabetical hierarchy", my attempt at making a googological notation), though that isn't as much of a priority.

So there you have it, my plans for this site in 2015. For my site 2015 might look something like this:

Jan/Feb - finish parts 1 and 2

Mar-May - start covering Bowers' work and related in part 3

Sep? - release part 4?

That's about all I have to say. Happy new year everyone!

- Cookie Fonster

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