Lab Members

Dr Stefanos Siozios

I study the impact of Cardinium symbionts on midge vector competence,and use genomic and transcriptomic approaches to better understand symbiosis

Previously, I completed a PhD in Greece and a postdoc in Italy. My past work focuses on Wolbachia-pest insect interactions.


Dr Emily Hornett @aquabolina

I work on host responses to male-killing bacteria. In my PhD and postdoc work, this focussed on the H. bolina- Wolbachia interaction.

My current project is a UKRI/JSPS funded project between Liverpool and the laboratory of Dr Daisuke Kageyama in Japan. We are working to establish the genetic basis of suppression to male-killing Spiroplasma in the lacewing Mallada desjardinsi.

Previously, I was a Marie Curie Global fellow, investigating butterfly-microbiome interactions, as well as researching symbionts in mosquitoes.

Dr Rudi Verspoor

I work on enhancing food security through entomophagy.

I am funded through a BBSRC GCRF project with Greg and Kate Parr to assess potential yield of termites as a food stuff in West Africa, and to develop better means of cropping and preservation. Through this, we aim to provide a vital supplementary source of nutrition in Benin.

Dr Louise Reynolds


I am working on the genetic basis of suppression of male-killing in the butterfly Hypolimnas bolina.

The evolution of Suppression of male-killing represents one of the strongest episodes of natural selection observed in nature. However, we simply don't know what changed genetically.

I am currently creating a draft genome sequence for the species, and analysing candidate loci in the genomic area that carries the suppressor gene.

My project is funded by the NERC:

Dr Pol Nadal

I am a BBSRC funded PDRA using molecular microbiology methods to gain functional insights into the factors producing and maintaining symbiosis, and symbiont phenotype.

Dr Ewa Chrostek

S2 cells, Courtesy of DGRC, Indiana.

I am a Marie Curie fellow working on techniques to establish gene expression knock down for symbionts.

Previously, I completed a PhD with Luis Teixeira at the Gulbenkian Institute on symbiont-mediated antiviral immunity, and the genetic basis of Wolbachia popcorn virulence.

Helen Davison

I am a NERC funded PhD student working on heritable symbionts in freshwater communities, from impacts on individuals through to communities. Study organisms vary - and include mosquitoes and protists, but I can be interested in most freshwater organisms.

I work with BugLife, the invertebrate conservation charity.

I am a NERC funded PhD on the evolutionary ecology of host shift capacity for symbionts and pathogens. I am trying to understand both the pattern of evolution of compatibility - how often there are evolutionary transitions in the capacity of hosts to carry symbionts, and the mechanisms underlying this variation..

Panupong Thongprem

I am completing a PhD on invertebrate-symbiont interactions; my initial focus is the incidence and importance of the torix group of Rickettsia in fresh water invertebrates. I am also working on damselflies as a model system.

Before my PhD studies, I completed my Master's degree at Silpakorn University, Thailand

Jordan Jones

I'm NERC funded PhD student working on the evolutionary ecology of parasitic wasp resistance.

My particular focus is the interplay of different defensive mechanisms - self medication with ethanol, symbiont-mediated protection and classic immune defences. How do these combine, both in terms of individual defence and the evolutionary ecology of resistance?

Before my PhD I completed an MRes with Tom Price on meiotic drive in Drosophila.