Your Tradition Needs You!

Ever fancied Morris Dancing? Well, here's your great chance!

We are looking for fit men and boys over the age of 9 who would like to

learn Headington Quarry Morris dances. with the aim of performing in public.

What is Morris Dancing?

A group of men wearing white clothes, ribbons and bells, leaping, dancing and striking sticks, celebrating the arrival of summer by performing in streets, outside pubs and on village greens. At its best, it's a vibrant, exciting spectacle - a vital part of England's heritage.

Why would I want to do that?

You'll be joining the great English tradition of dressing in odd clothes and making a spectacle of yourself, with intricate footwork and stick-tapping to sprightly music. Exercise, fun and beer - what's not to like?

Who are the Headington Quarry Morris Dancers?

This is a real living tradition spanning four centuries, handed down 'by word of foot' since the eighteenth century. Join Quarry and become part of the legend.

Isn't it just for people who live in Headington?

No! It's for any men who can get to practice nights in Headington, enjoy physical performance, and want to keep a great tradition alive.

We need YOU to keep it going for another 400 years.

Fathers are invited to bring their sons and their friends along with them.

If you would like to have a go contact our Squire, or,

come along on Monday nights to the Hut, in the back garden of The Mason's Arms in Headington Quarry (OX3 8LH).

It's FUN! and helps to keep us fit!

Look out for our advertisement in Shire Folk magazine!

Headington Quarry Morris Dancers practice every Monday night from 8.00pm to 9.00pm in the´Hut´ which is situated in the garden of The Masons Arms public house. (Quarry School Place, OX3 8LH).

Prospective members are always welcome. Come along and give it a go!

Contact us!

Whit Monday 2016


Dave Townsend is our Squire.

Contact the Squire here.


Dave Townsend is Temporarily acting Bagman.

Contact the Bagman here.