Storyteller With Data, Guiselaine From Databeet

I am a storyteller with data. I get the essential out of data to make it useful for the bigger audience. I did this in the past by presenting the data after analyzing it in easy readably factsheets, reports, presentations, graphs, infographics, interviews, surveys, and tables. 

Data Stories By Databeet & Guiselaine

Nowadays I tell the data stories with eCourses, (guest)blogs, advise and articles. My writtings are mostly readable for B1 audience and up. In my writtings I always take into account Urban Geography, Business Economics and Gender. I am Guiselaine and my company is Databeet.

Big Data eCours

The Big Data eCourse is a Dutch online course I developed in corporation with Laudius and another teacher. The eCourse was launched in 2018 and is completely online. The course is for starters, who want to know more about Big Data and are starting to work in the field of Big Data. The course touches the subjects: