Gerry Joe Weise, guitars and amplifiers, Eastern and Western Tours 2013.

I receive a lot of messages, asking what guitars and amps, have I been using on the Tour ? We played the last 6 months, 16 countries with 26 cities, in Eastern and Western Europe, travelling over 10,500 miles / 25,000 km. These were my main guitars : "Big Blonde" archtop Rockingham Signature with Bigsby, "Redhead" rare 1960 vintage Airline Town and Country, "A" Custom Shop Fender Stratocaster (Buddy Guy Strat with Hendrix/Woodstock pickups), "Grandma" rare 1959 vintage Fender Telecaster. Apart from different "backline" amps supplied at the concerts, I use a modified rare 1958 vintage Australian Woods Deluxe tweed amplifier, a modified vintage 1970s Kustom orange amplifier, 2 x cabinets with vintage Celestion Greenback speakers dated 1968. 

Limited Edition Custom Shop Fender Stratocaster, Gerry Joe Weise.

I have received many requests for the specifications of my popular "A" STRAT that I toured with on my American tour: All Blues (video)  Vimeo  YouTube  Dailymotion , Voodoo Child (video)  Vimeo  YouTube  Dailymotion , Inside Looking Out (video)  Vimeo  YouTube  Dailymotion , Aussie Boogie (video)  Vimeo  YouTube , Johnny B Goode (video)  Vimeo  YouTube .
The guitar is a Limited Edition Custom Shop Fender Stratocaster. It has a handmade 1-ply walnut wooden pickguard, shaped by master guitar builder John Curttright from Rockford Illinois. 
A "Buddy Guy model" alder body and a "Buddy Guy" honey blonde maple neck with jumbo frets. With "Jimi Hendrix 1969 Woodstock" pickups, the middle pickup is an original vintage 1968. 
Special unique wiring. Only the bridge pickup has reverse polarity. The tone controls are reversed so that the bridge pickup has a tone control, and not the neck pickup. And extra adjustments were made to the vibrato system, so that it will always stay in tune. 
The song  Blue Ice (mp3)  with the same Fender Stratocaster guitar, can be heard on the 2012 album Live And Proud  Amazon  iTunes  eMusic .

Vintage 1959 Fender Telecaster, Gerry Joe Weise.

My old Tele : a vintage 1959 Fender Telecaster, with a maple neck, Swamp Ash body, and original pickups. You can hear how it sounds on 2 recent videos : open tuning slide guitar Aussie Boogie (video) Vimeo  YouTube  Dailymotion , normal tuned guitar Espresso (video)  Vimeo  YouTube  Dailymotion , and Maybellene (video)  YouTube .
My old Tele Website and on the Blog
Extra information about this Telecaster was written on the  Telecaster Forum  by my good ol' Aussie friend Jon Torano, who was the original owner of this beat up vintage Fender. 
"Here is a story about what used to be my once owned Telecaster. My wife and I had a house in Sydney, Australia. And there was stashed stolen gear found under our house, dating back to the 1980s. As nobody had claimed it, we became the legal owners of this stash. One such item found under our house, was a 1959 Fender Telecaster with a maple neck, all rusted and wrecked! We ended up giving that guitar to ace Australian blues guitarist Gerry Joe Weise who was on the lookout for a vintage Telecaster. As we have been good friends over the years, I gave it to Gerry Joe, knowing it would be put to good use on stage and in the studio. This photo shows what blues guitarist Gerry Joe Weise, had customized on the old 1959 Fender Telecaster. He told me he has also kept all the original replaced guitar parts as well. I will miss having that guitar, but I am sure Gerry Joe is putting it to great use!" by Jon Torano. 
The song  Espresso (mp3)  with the same vintage Telecaster guitar, can be heard on the 2012 album Live And Proud  Amazon  iTunes  eMusic .

Vintage 1960 Airline Town and Country, Gerry Joe Weise.

Vintage 1960 Airline Town and Country guitar made in Chicago Illinois. DeArmond pickup (Rowe Industries, Toledo Ohio) single-coil pickup with P-90 tone. Solid old maple wood body and neck with a rosewood fretboard.
The good thing about touring and travelling many different countries, are the possibilities to pick up great quality instruments at a good price. I picked up this Airline Town and Country guitar in Phoenix Arizona 2009, it had belonged to Los Angeles band Badlands' bassist, who was selling it to buy custom car parts.
It is one of my oldest electric guitars, and my best slide guitar. I still use the original 1960 electronics (volume pot and tone pot), with the original single-coil DeArmond pickup; all working in perfect condition.
Apart from being a serious live concert guitar, it is also my fun favorite "couch guitar"  (playing unplugged on the sofa in front of the TV). 
Fellow Aussie guitarist Gwyn Ashton wanted to exchange his Telecaster for this Airline guitar after we played a Festival together, but I would never do that because of all the touring memories attached to it. Here is a good video presentation You Gotta Move on  Vimeo  YouTube  Dailymotion .
Airline guitars were sold by catalog through Montgomery Ward in Chicago. These guitars were manufactured at different factories by Valco, Harmony, or Kay; all Chicago companies. Valco also made instruments for Gretsch, National, Sears (Silvertone), and Supro.
You can also hear how this guitar sounds on these videos :  Aussie Boogie , Inside Looking Out , Arizona Desert Blues .
with Haunting Harmonica Blues (video) on  Vimeo  YouTube  and Haunting Harmonica Blues (mp3 download) with the same vintage Airline guitar, can be heard on the 2012 album Live And Proud  Amazon  iTunes  eMusic .
Rockingham Signature archtop guitar, mid 2000s, Gerry Joe Weise.

This fine archtop guitar is made in the USA, with Canadian maple wood for the body and neck, spruce wood for the top from Manitoba Canada, a rosewood fretboard with jumbo frets, abalone binding, and an American Bigsby vibrato (that stays 100% well tuned). What is different about this guitar is that the back is made from a one piece solid maple wood (which one will never find among Gibson or Fender guitars, they are all two pieced). 
The best example of how this guitar sounds can be found on the DVD Blues Gone Wild
T-Bone Walker style shuffle  Down Chicago Way (video)  Vimeo  YouTube  Dailymotion , Hendrix blues phrasing style  Funky Train (video)  Vimeo  YouTube  Dailymotion , crazy slide guitar style  Aussie Boogie (video)  Vimeo  YouTube  Dailymotion .
In the mid 2000s, I received 3 prototypes of the Rockingham, with my signature on the headstock. Each with a different pickup system but wired similar to a Gretsch. I later sold the 2 humbuckers Tri-tronic version, and kept the other two guitars with single pickups in the bridge position, one with a Schaller S-100 pickup as seen here  B Good 2 Me (video) on  Vimeo  YouTube  Dailymotion  and the other version as shown in the photos with a Seymour Duncan Hot Rails pickup. The Seymour Duncan Hot Rails is wired as a single-pickup using both rails in a "U" shape (not as a humbucker), and angled as a left handed pickup so as to acquire a more Hendrixian sound (as needed for certain songs).
The songs  Funky Train (mp3)  and  Aussie Boogie (mp3)  with the same Rockingham Signature guitar (Seymour Duncan Hot Rails pickup), can be heard on the 2012 album Live And Proud  Amazon  iTunes  eMusic .

Vintage 1930 National Triolian Resonator, Gerry Joe Weise.

Vintage 1930 National Triolian Resonator guitar, single cone Reso-Phonic body, painted bottle green custom color, with a vintage round neck shape. 
In 1927, John Dopyera and George Beauchamp formed the National String Instrument Corporation to manufacture resonator guitars under the brand name National. The first models were metal-bodied, produced at their factory in Los Angeles, California, called : Triolian.
Even though I have toured using the National Triolian on stage at concerts and festivals, and once as a solo show opening for the Scorpions in front of 7,000 people, I have put this fine vintage instrument to best use in the studio. Probably the most popular songs are Corroboree and Kiama Beach Jamboree , both with a World Music flavor played on slide resonator guitar, as well as the psychedelic rock song Bushman Boogie Deluxe ; all three songs are from the 1999 album : Bushman Boogie Deluxe . Another song using the National Triolian, is Midnight Freestyle , a grooving funky composition, featured on the 2009 album : Blues Down Under Albums also available on eMusic .

Vintage 1932 Dobro M40 Resonator, Gerry Joe Weise.

Vintage 1932 Dobro M40 Resonator guitar, original chromed body, with a vintage v-neck shape. In 1928 Dopyera left National to form the Dobro Manufacturing Company with his brothers. Dobro being a contraction of Dopyera Brothers' and also meaning "goodness" in their native Slovak language. Dobro released a single resonator with its concave bowl-shaped surface, under a circular perforated metal cover plate, with the bridge at its centre resting on an eight-legged aluminium spider; this system produced more volume than a National.
I have often toured using the Dobro M40 on stage at concerts and festivals, and once as a solo act opening for the Scorpions in front of 7,000 people. The most popular songs with this guitar, are Corroboree and Kiama Beach Jamboree , both can be found on the 1999 album : Bushman Boogie Deluxe  Amazon  iTunes  eMusic .,%20Red%20Slide%20Guitars,%20800.jpg
Gerry Joe Weise's red slide guitars over the years, from the 1970s to the 2010s.

Left to right : 1974 Fender Mustang and 1965 Gibson SG, played in the 1970s. 1977 Gibson Firebird and 1984 Fender Stratocaster, played in the 1980s. 1964 Silvertone, played in the 1990s and 2000s. 2009 Danelectro Hornet 67 and 1960 Airline Town & Country, played in the 2010s.

Gerry Joe Weise at The Ranch, Sydney, New South Wales.

Vintage guitars (L to R) : 1930 National Triolian resonator guitar, 1967 Gibson TD 340 guitar, 1963 L-series Fender Stratocaster guitar, 
1932 Dobro M40 resonator guitar.
Vintage Fender amplifiers (L to R) : 1955 tweed Champ, 1962 brown tolex Vibrolux, 1963 blond tolex Bassman piggyback amplifier with speaker cabinet, 1964 blond tolex Reverb unit, 1959 tweed Deluxe, 1954 tweed Super. 

My first guitar 1963.

My first guitar in 1963, at 4 years old, casting a long shadow in the suburb of Leichhardt, in Sydney Australia. 
This must be my first public appearance ? The photos were taken by the World's best mother ! 
Most of us think their mothers are the best, but my mother was really the greatest ! We were young teenagers in the early 1970's, my little brother (drummer) and myself, we made a rehearsal studio from one of the family house's bedrooms, with a mattress on the window and a huge painting of Jimi Hendrix sprayed onto one of the walls. When the old lady next door would complain about our loud music, our mother would go outside to rebuke her !
1970 My first song that I ever wrote at the age of 10 years old, which we would play for half an hour long was : 
Steamroller (video)  Vimeo  YouTube  Dailymotion .
1972 I went to my first rock concert at the age of 12, when Led Zeppelin played in Sydney. 
1975 Angus and Malcolm Young were growing up at the same time in the neighbouring suburb of Burwood; when Bon Scott joined AC/DC in 75, a few months later they played an afternoon concert at my High School. 
1976 Another song that I wrote when I was 16 years old for slide guitar was Slidewater Cajun (video)  Vimeo  YouTube  Dailymotion .
The songs  Slidewater Cajun (mp3)  and  Steamroller (mp3) in the second part of Purple Haze  can be heard on the 2012 album Live And Proud  Amazon  iTunes  eMusic .