Gerry Joe Weise   
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style of music : Blues / Blues Rock / Australiana
hometown : Sydney Australia
based in : Sydney Australia and Chicago USA
instrumentation : singer guitarist / bassist / drummer / (sometimes 2nd guitarist)
record label : Blues Breaking Records, Chicago USA    

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Gerry Joe Weise, Australian blues rock guitarist, singer and songwriter, was born and grew up in Leichhardt, Sydney. 
His primary influences were, and still are today, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Gary Moore and Rory Gallagher.
About Weise's Jimi Hendrix connection: recently, Juma Sultan was a member of the Gerry Joe Weise band, for several concerts and festivals in the USA and in Europe (2013-14). Weise has also played with Noel Redding in Ireland and France during the 1990's. 
The last five years have been significant for Gerry Joe Weise, starting in 2009 with his opus "Blues Down Under", an album release which met critical success, that led to numerous tours of the USA and Euopre. 
In 2010 he opened for Robert Cray and Buddy Guy in the USA, and added to the European and USA tours: Hawaii, Polynesia, Fiji, Tahiti, Poland, North Africa and New Zealand. 
2011 saw the "Live Blues World Tour" album with live recordings from the previous year's touring of the North and South Pacific, USA, Europe and Africa. Also in that year was released the single "Blues For Gary Moore" which has become Weise's most popular downloaded song. 
The year 2012 had again tours of the USA and Europe, while adding to that year's tour list; Russia, Lithuania and Belarus. During the same year, the definitive Gerry Joe Weise live album "Live And Proud", a compilation of his best live tracks appeared, which was well received by the critics. 
The 2016 single with Weise's classical music composition "Blue Concerto for Orchestra, Slide Guitar and Violin", where he performs slide guitar, violin and piano, was recorded with the St Peters Orchestra and Choir in Sydney. The new live album released worldwide in July 2017 to 148 countries, titled "Laon Blues Festival", was recorded in concert at the Maison des Arts et Loisirs, in Laon, France.
All of 2013 was devoted entirely to touring Western and Eastern Europe including Russia, Scandinavia, and around the Mediterranean Sea on the islands of Sardinia and Corsica; while preparing for the following year's album release.
That brings us up to 2014, with the release of "Stormy Sydney, 20th Anniversary", celebrating 20 years as a solo recording artist, representing twelve of his finest songs, and Weise's most popular album to date. After the February album launch, he embarked on a tour of Vietnam, Australia including the Broadbeach Blues Festival QLD, on a USA tour culminating at the Gardenstock Festival with Juma Sultan in Dixon IL, a stopover in Fiji, over to 
Europe organized by Sony, then back to Australia again, where he resides on the North Coast NSW.
In 2015 he has been regularly touring Australia, and a successful tour of the USA from North Carolina to California, where Juma Sultan joined the band once again on stage in Kernersville North Carolina.
The album "Blues Gone Wild", was released worldwide in April 2016. 12 songs (including 3 songs in concert), with 28 musicians featuring Juma Sultan on percussion. Recorded in the USA, Australia, France, Switzerland, by Blues Breaking Records USA. The album was voted number 1 Best Australian Blues Rock Album by the Australian Blues Rock Magazine website, both from the Critic's Choice and the Reader's Selection.The 2016 single with Weise's classical music composition "Blue Concerto for Orchestra, Slide Guitar and Violin", where he performs slide guitar, violin and piano, was recorded with the St Peters Orchestra and Choir in Sydney.
In July 2017, the live album titled "Laon Blues Festival" was released, it was recorded in concert at the Maison des Arts et Loisirs, in Laon, France. In September 2017, they were one of the headlining bands along with legendary Chain, at the Mitchell Creek Rock 'n' Blues Festival, in Queensland, Australia.
2018 has been a busy year with the new album "Live and Lost in the Netherlands", and the single EP release "Manic Depression (Jimi Tribe); the latter was mixed and mastered at the celebrated Electric Lady Studios in NYC (of Jimi Hendrix fame). The single and album, have both received popular radio airplay in Australia and abroad. The Gerry Joe Weise Blues Band toured New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory, and South Australia. They played prestigious Australian venues like the National Press Club of Australia in Canberra, and Lizotte's in Newcastle. They were headliners at several festivals in New South Wales and Queensland. In September, Matt Taylor of Chain joined them on stage, for a memorable jam session at the Mitchell Creek Rock 'N' Blues Festival on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia. In December, Gerry Joe embarked on another World Tour with the SONY XMAS TOUR 2018, taking him from Australia, to Spain, France, Germany, Russia, the USA, then back to Australia again.

2018 : Manic Depression, Jimi Tribe (Blues Breaking Records USA)
2018 : Live and Lost in the Netherlands (Blues Breaking Records)
2017 : Laon Blues Festival (Blues Breaking Records)
2016 : Blues Gone Wild (Blues Breaking Records)
2014 : Stormy Sydney, 20th Anniversary (Blues Breaking Records)
2012 : Live And Proud  (Blues Breaking Records)
2011 : Live Blues World Tour  (Blues Breaking Records)
2009 : Blues Down Under  (Blues Breaking Records)
2005 : Sydney Paris Blues  (Blues Breaking Records)
1999 : Bushman Boogie Deluxe  (Blues Breaking Records)
1996 : A Letter To Jimi  (ABM Records) 
1994 : Live In Paris  (Blues Breaking Records)
2014 DVD live USA festival with Juma Sultan : All Blues    YouTube   
2014 DVD live Australia festival : Red House   YouTube             
2013 DVD live Poland festival : Down Chicago Way   YouTube  
2012 DVD studio track : Broken Hill Blues   YouTube  
2012 DVD live Paris festival : Steamroller   YouTube 
2010 TV live New Zealand TV1 : Dreamtime Shuffle    YouTube

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Radio WSDR AM1240 Sterling, Illinois USA.

Fan Email demographics 500,000 fans

Books Blues Singer-Songwriters 112 pages, Books LLC.
           Australian Blues Guitarists  52 pages, Books LLC.

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