Jimi Hendrix and Gerry Joe Weise
Gerry Joe Weise and Jimi Hendrix
Nota bene : When it comes to playing Jimi Hendrix material, we have never been a Cover Band with note-for-note covers, but a Tribute Band influenced and inspired by the essence of Hendrix.

Gerry Joe Weise and Jimi Tribe are a Jimi Hendrix Tribute Band formed in 1993,
 featuring special guest musicians ( example Juma Sultan ),
 and performing at special events around the World.

Hear My Train A Comin by Jimi Hendrix is one of my all time inspirational songs. I particularly like the live version from the Berkeley Community Theater in California, May 30th 1970 (the first show). And sound wise, the original audio recording on the Rainbow Bridge LP vinyl album, has the ultimate pristine sound, presence and bass tones, that has influenced me in many recordings. Although I will never capture Jimi's playing of that performance (even Jimi played so many different versions of that composition), I have used his song as an influence for the free spirit and sonic ambiance, behind an ongoing development of a series of songs: A Long Gone Train / B Good 2 Me / Funky Train.

About the inspiration behind the Train theme, the evolution and changes over time, as well as the influences of the geographical situation concerning the locality of the musicians and the environment :

Long Train Blues based on the simple primitive Train structure, J L Hookeresque / Hendrixian. Recorded with the American Band, Sabula Iowa USA.
A Long Gone Train refined evolution on the Train theme, new interaction between the musicians. Recorded with the British UK Band.
B Good 2 Me branching off to a different composition, structured with a new refrain. Recorded with the French Band, Picardy France.
B Good 2 Me Jam deconstruction of the composition, letting loose in the recording studio. Recorded with the American Band, Phoenix Arizona USA.
Funky Train new version on the Train theme, with new rhythm. Recorded with the Polish Band, Lubaczow Poland.
Funky Train Jam the ultimate jam band live on stage version of the Train theme. Recorded with the French Band, Paris France.
B Good 2 Me reconstruction of the Blues Rock arrangement. Recorded with the Belgian Band, Diepenbeek Belgium.

video, B Good 2 Me (Gerry Joe Weise, BMI)

Indianapolis, IN 46220 USA, Summer Fall 1996, issue N# 40.

A Letter To Jimi, Gerry Joe Weise, (album CD)
ABM Records 0-7470-13696-2

 01 And The Gods Made Love / Star    Spangled banner / Purple Haze.
 02 All Along The Watchtower.
 03 Power Of Soul / Who Knows.
 04 Manic Depression.
 05 Voodoo Child (Slight Return).
 06 The Story Of Life (poem by J.Hendrix,  music by G.J.Weise).
 07 (tribute) A Letter To Jimi.

Born in Australia, Gerry Joe Weise cut his teeth as a young, hot guitarist, making his first television appearance at the age of 17. During the 80s, Weise lived in Germany, establishing himself as an important club guitarist backing a variety of artists. Moving into the 90s, he started fronting his own band, basing himself outside of Paris. Gerry Joe Weise, who's personal collection includes a wealth of vintage guitars and amplifiers, his main axe a 1963 Fender Strat, his effects pedals vintage Roger Mayer, he pays complete respect to Hendrix via personal interpretations. The disc opens with a tape manipulation of "And The Gods Made Love" segued into the "Star Spangled Banner" flowing into an 8 minute "Purple Haze" complete with drum and drum/bass solo breaks. "All Along The Watchtower" seers and soars, while "Power Of Soul / Who Knows" is thin, lacking the soul strength of the Band Of Gypsys, Weise searching for a more ethereal sound. "Manic Depression" is performed slide-style, with an Indian mystique, while "Voodoo Child" is performed acoustic-style, on a 1930 National Triolian. Gerry Joe Weise closes out the disc, providing an original acoustic music bed for Jimi's poem "The Story Of Life", and his own personal 7 minute instrumental tribute "A Letter To Jimi" overlaying sitar, acoustic guitar and Dobro in a country-folk meets psychedelic-Indian influences.
Voodoo Child Magazine editor.

video, Funky Train (Gerry Joe Weise, BMI)

JIMI HENDRIX Tribute Videos
  Voodoo Child 2014 (USA)           Vimeo    YouTube
  Voodoo Child 2012 (Paris)          Vimeo    YouTube  
  Voodoo Child 2014 (Australia)    Vimeo    YouTube
  Red House 2012 (Paris)              Vimeo    YouTube 
  Red House 2014 (Australia)        Vimeo    YouTube  
  Purple Haze                              Vimeo    YouTube 
  Hey Joe                                    Vimeo    YouTube 
  Voodoo Chile acoustic                Vimeo    YouTube    
  Little Wing                                       YouTube  

Purple Haze audio for download   Amazon   iTunes

Sept / Oct / Nov 1996, N#12

A Letter To Jimi, Gerry Joe Weise, (album CD)
ABM Records 0-7470-13696-2
Last but not least is the excellent new Hendrix homage, certainly not just your ordinary homage, since Gerry Joe Weise will be in concert Tuesday October 15th in Evreux for the 30th Jimi Hendrix Experience Commemoration for the their first concert ever performed in 1966, and in presence with the original JHE bass player, Mr Noel Redding. While waiting for the eventful commemoration to take place, you can go out and buy this well produced album, Gerry Joe Weise's "A Letter To Jimi" - certainly not just another disc to add under the letter H. Indeed this CD contains two very interesting bonus tracks : firstly "A Letter To Jimi" the record title and instrumental composition by Weise, a long dreamy blues dedicated to the memory of James Marshall Hendrix. Secondly with "The Story Of Life", the very last poem ever written by the voodoo child himself, in fact a harrowing religious text backed by the musical arrangement composed and sung by Gerry Joe Weise on his National resophonic guitar; much like Jim Morrison's "American Prayer", only better ...
Marc Elliot.