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Gerry Joe Weise has established himself as a blues rock musician of international acclaim. Guitarist, singer and songwriter born in Sydney, Australia, he has performed throughout the world with renown and legendary artists such as Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Ray Charles, Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, Albert Collins, Noel Redding, The Yardbirds, Juma Sultan, among others. He has been the recipient of various international awards and accolades. He has 11 albums, 1 triple album, and 4 singles, signed to the Chicago based label Blues Breaking Records.,%20blues%20guitarist,%201000.jpg,%20blues%20guitarist,%201000.jpg,%20blues%20guitarist,%201000.jpg,%20blues%20rock%20Australia,%201000.jpg

New Album 2019 : Axis Volume 2 Australian Tour.
Gerry Joe Weise Blues Band.
9 Tracks. Available in all countries and stores.
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01 - Red House
02 - Down Chicago Way
03 - Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
04 - All Blues
05 - Dreamtime Shuffle
06 - Blueswalker
07 - Aussie Boogie
08 - Funky Train
09 - Slidewater Cajun

Music and lyrics by Gerry Joe Weise. 
Red House and Voodoo Child (Slight Return) by Jimi Hendrix.
All Blues by Miles Davis.
© 2019 Gerry Joe Weise, BMI. © Blues Breaking Records USA.,%20Axis%20Volume%201%20French%20Tour,%202019.jpg

New Album 2019 : Axis Volume 1 French Tour.
Gerry Joe Weise Blues Band.
11 Tracks. Available in all countries and stores.
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01 - Stratus
02 - Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
03 - Broken Hill Blues
04 - Funky Train Jam
05 - Steamroller 
06 - Kangaroo Hop 
07 - Down Chicago Way  
08 - B Good 2 Me 
09 - Blueswalker 
10 - You Gotta Move
11 - Little Wing 

Music and lyrics by Gerry Joe Weise. 
Stratus by Billy Cobham. Voodoo Child (Slight Return) and Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix.
You Gotta Move by Mississippi Fred McDowell.
© 2019 Gerry Joe Weise, BMI. © Blues Breaking Records USA.

Discography, Blues Breaking Records:
2019, Axis Volume 3 USA Tour. 
2019, Axis Volume 2 Australian Tour.
2019, Axis Volume 1 French Tour. 
2018, Live and Lost in the Netherlands.
2017, Laon Blues Festival.
2016, Blues Gone Wild.
2014, Stormy Sydney, 20th Anniversary. 
2012, Live And Proud. 
2011, Live Blues World Tour.
2009, Blues Down Under. 
2005, Sydney Paris Blues.
1999, Bushman Boogie Deluxe.
1998, Bushman Boogie.
1996, A Letter To Jimi. 
1994, Live In Paris.
2018, Manic Depression (Jimi Tribe).
2016, Blue Concerto For Orchestra, Slide Guitar and violin.
2011, Blues For Gary Moore.
2010, Gerry Joe's Houserocker.

The last 10 years, 2009 to 2019.
The last ten years have been significant for Gerry Joe Weise.
The year 2009 saw his new opus "Blues Down Under", which met with critical success, that led to numerous tours of the USA and Europe.
In 2010 he opened for Robert Cray and Buddy Guy in the USA, and added to the European and USA tours: Hawaii, Polynesia, Fiji, Tahiti, Poland, North Africa and New Zealand.
2011 saw the "Live Blues World Tour" album with live recordings from the previous year's touring of the North and South Pacific, USA, Europe and Africa. Also in that year was released the single "Blues For Gary Moore" which has become Weise's most popular downloaded song.
The year 2012 had again tours of the USA and Europe, while adding to that year's tour list; Russia, Lithuania and Belarus. During the same year, the definitive Gerry Joe Weise live album "Live and Proud", a compilation of his best live tracks appeared, which was well received by the critics.
All of 2013 was devoted entirely to touring Western and Eastern Europe including Russia, Scandinavia, and around the Mediterranean Sea on the islands of Sardinia and Corsica; while preparing for the following year's album release.
That brings us up to 2014, with the release of "Stormy Sydney, 20th Anniversary", celebrating 20 years as a solo recording artist, representing twelve of his finest songs, and Weise's most popular album to date. After the February album launch, he embarked on a tour of Vietnam, Australia including the Broadbeach Blues Festival QLD, on a USA tour culminating at the Gardenstock Festival with band member Juma Sultan (ex Jimi Hendrix, Woodstock 69) in Dixon IL. A stopover in Fiji, over to Europe organized by Sony, then back to Australia again.
The main 2015 festival with Juma Sultan on percussion, was at Sunshine's Ride and Awareness event, Warehouse 66, Kernersville, North Carolina USA.
The album "Blues Gone Wild", was released worldwide in April 2016. 12 songs (including 3 songs in concert), with 28 musicians featuring Juma Sultan on percussion. Recorded in the USA, Australia, France, Switzerland, by Blues Breaking Records USA. The album was voted number 1 Best Australian Blues Rock Album by the Australian Blues Rock Magazine website, both from the Critic's Choice and the Reader's Selection. The 2016 single with Weise's classical music composition "Blue Concerto for Orchestra, Slide Guitar and Violin", where he performs slide guitar, violin and piano, was recorded with the St Peters Orchestra and Choir in Sydney.
In July 2017, the live album titled "Laon Blues Festival" was released, it was recorded in concert at the Maison des Arts et Loisirs, in Laon, France. In September 2017, they were one of the headlining bands along with legendary Chain, at the Mitchell Creek Rock 'n' Blues Festival, in Queensland, Australia.
2018 has been a busy year with the new album "Live and Lost in the Netherlands", and the single EP release "Manic Depression (Jimi Tribe); the latter was mixed and mastered at the celebrated Electric Lady Studios in NYC (of Jimi Hendrix fame). The single and album, have both received popular radio airplay in Australia and abroad. The Gerry Joe Weise Blues Band toured New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory, and South Australia. They played prestigious Australian venues like the National Press Club of Australia in Canberra, and Lizotte's in Newcastle. They were headliners at several festivals in New South Wales and Queensland. In September, Matt Taylor of Chain joined them on stage, for a memorable jam session at the Mitchell Creek Rock 'N' Blues Festival on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia. In December, Gerry Joe embarked on another World Tour with the SONY XMAS TOUR 2018, taking him from Australia, to Spain, France, Germany, Russia, the USA, then back to Australia again.,%20Australian%20Blues%20Rock%20Website,%20May%202016.JPG
2016 Blues Gone Wild : Voted number 1 Best Australian Blues Rock Album 
by the Australian Blues Rock Website. Hailing from Sydney, Gerry Joe Weise has released his new opus "Blues Gone Wild", on the Blues Breaking Records label in Chicago. Weise has to be one of the better outstanding Australian guitarists, (he has been voted four times Best Electric Blues Guitarist on the charts)! The opening track "Surfing Coffs Harbour" is a new type of blues that sets the pace for this adventurous album, with extraordinary innovative slide playing (Weise calls it 'glissando overtones'), and at times sounds uncannily like a flute than a guitar. Next is "Inside-Looking Out" recorded live in the United States, the Eric Burdon song performed by Weise's soulful vocals and exciting adventurous guitar playing, intertwining with Juma Sultan's congas and percussion; they twine the threads of blues for our future! "Song for Sylvie" is an epic reggae illuminating normal and slide tuned guitars ('glissando overtone' chops here), while trading licks with the powerful brass section featuring trumpets, saxophones and trombones. The 4th track "Crazy Crocodile", has Weise paying tribute to Texas blues as a heavy guitar shuffle with husky vocals, using the Australian crocodile as a metaphor and pun. Stepping up the pace is another USA live track, "Aussie Boogie" performed at breakneck speed where Weise's Strat remains indemne, and a word of merit to Juma Sultan's fiery congas. Slowing things down to "Dreamtime Lullaby" in a Mark Knopfler manner, are dreamy vintage Dobro guitars, with melodies over cinematic didgeridoo lines. Jimi's "Red House" is rendered in a Chicago blues style, with heartfelt singing and lots of guitar soloing (while never discarding the 'feeling' necessary to carry the weight of tradition), much like Hendrix meets Buddy Guy. The rockabilly "Back to Blacktown" (Australian rock riffs galore) hip to the blues bone, beefy vocals and uncanny guitar playing, best sums up this tune. "B Good 2 Me Jam" offers a psychedelic experience that makes ones mind travel to faraway distant lands, through guitar playing in another quantum dimension, the essence of classic rock-blues but with a new twist. Like a fast train, "Uluru Express" will take you across the Nullarbor Plains to central Australia, via slide guitar on a pulsating rhythm section and drone didgeridoos. The beach shores of "Bondi Soul Ride", are a joyful interplay of advancing musical waves, across a playful sea of terra incognita. Upbeat and toe-tapping is "Night Drive", as Weise stretches out on punctuating soloing, displaying Miles Davis technique of playing with spaces and silences, while delivering exciting guitar jabs and melodies. This album is a must-have for everyone's serious blues discotheque.
Blue Concerto for Orchestra (Slide Guitar and Violin), composed by Gerry Joe Weise, was performed and recorded by the 82 musicians of the St Peters Orchestra and Choir, at the Sydney Conservatorium. Gerry Joe Weise played slide guitar and lead violin.

"Downright and he has the blues, this man from across the Southern Hemisphere, new exciting guitar on this album from Gerry Joe Weise." Rolling Stone Magazine.,%20Gerry%20Joe%20Weise,%201200.jpg
Blues Gone Wild, 2016 album.
12 tracks, including 3 live in concert !
Blues Breaking Records, Chicago USA.
Blues Gone Wild. The new 2016 album, with 28 musicians and featuring Juma Sultan. 12 tracks, including 3 tracks live in concert. Recorded in the USA, Australia, France, and Switzerland.
Released in 148 countries. Voted "Best Blues Rock Album" on the Australian Blues Rock website.

Blues Tour July and August 2019, 
Australia and the United States.,%20June%202019,%20Gerry%20Joe%20Weise,%20Blues%20Tour%20Australia.jpg
Blues Tour June 2019, 
NSW, QLD, SA, Australia.
Gerry Joe Weise is participating at the 
SONY XMAS TOUR, December 2018. 
Spain, France, Germany, Russia, USA.
International Tour, December 2018, 
USA, Russia, Germany, 
France, Spain, Australia.,%20Gerry%20Joe%20Weise.jpg
2018 Mitchell Creek Rock 'n' Blues Festival,
September 21, Queensland, Australia.
Gerry Joe Weise Band festival video:
Jam Session with Matt Taylor from Chain:,%20Gerry%20Joe%20Weise%20blues%20band,%20Australia.jpg
New Album Tour, NSW, VIC, ACT.
Australia. June July 2018.,%20Victoria%20Tour,%20Australia,%20July%202018.jpg
Victoria Tour July 2018, Australia.
13 July, Blues Club, The Hub, Melbourne.
14 July, Blues Club, Community Hall, Ballarat.
15 July, Blues Club, Public Hall, Bendigo.,%20Hume%20Blues%20Club,%20Melbourne,%2017%20May%202018.jpg
17 May 2018, Hume Blues Club,
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.,%20Victoria%20Tour,%20Australia,%20May%202018.jpg
Victoria Tour May 2018, Australia.
17 May, Hume Blues Club, Melbourne VIC.
18 May, Pistol Pete's Food 'n' Blues, Geelong VIC.
19 May, The Tolmie Tavern, Tolmie VIC.
New Album Tour, New South Wales.
Australia. December 2017.,%20blues%20tour.jpg
New Album Tour, October 2017.
Victoria, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory.
Mitchell Creek Rock'n'Blues Festival, 
Queensland, Australia.
15 September 2017.,%20Blues%20Breaking%20Records%20Fest,%20Chicago%20IL.jpg
Annual Blues Breaking Records Fest.
Chicago IL, USA. 12 September 2017.,%20Gerry%20Joe%20Weise,%20Laon%20Blues%20Festival%20album%20tour.jpg
New Album Tour, New South Wales,
Victoria, Australia. July 2017.,%20Gerry%20Joe%20Weise,%20Blues%20Gone%20Wild%20Tour,%201200.jpg
Blues Gone Wild CD Launch Tour. Part 3.
New South Wales, Victoria, Australia,
August and September 2016.,%20Gerry%20Joe%20Weise,%20Blues%20Gone%20Wild%20Tour,%201200.jpg
Blues Gone Wild CD Launch Tour. Part 2.
New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia.
June and July 2016.,%201200,%20Blues%20Gone%20Wild%20CD%20Launch%20Tour,%20April%20May%202016.jpg
Blues Gone Wild CD Launch Tour. Part 1.
New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland,
Australia. April and May 2016.,%20Gerry%20Joe%20Weise,%20Hamburg%20Germany%20a.jpg
Sony Xmas Tour, Konzerthalle,
Hamburg, Germany, 8 Dec 2015.,%20Gerry%20Joe%20Weise,%20Copenhagen%20Denmark%20a.jpg
Sony Xmas Tour, Koncert Hal,
Copenhagen, Denmark, 10 Dec 2015.
The Riverboat Blues Club, Sacramento,
California, USA. 31 August 2015.,%20Kernersville%20North%20Carolina%20USA.jpg
Sunshine's Awareness Ride and Concert,
Warehouse 66, Kernersville,
North Carolina, USA, 29 Aug 2015.,%20blues%20guitarist,%20Xmas%20Tour%202014%201200%20blue.JPG
Sony Xmas Tour, December 2014, Europe.

All Blues (Miles Davis) performed by Gerry Joe Weise and Juma Sultan (ex Jimi Hendrix, Woodstock 1969), at the Gardenstock Art and Music Festival in Dixon, Illinois, USA. With Jay Pauley keyboard, Bill Encke bass and Joe Pasteris drums. 

"21st Century blues rock. The abuse and the raw power create a sonic landscape that spotlights the talents of Gerry Joe Weise." John Douglas, Blues Magazine.,%20Stormy%20Sydney%201200.jpg
Stormy Sydney 20th Anniversary,
2014 album.
20 years as a Solo Recording Artist !
Blues Breaking Records, Chicago USA.
Stormy Sydney, 20th Anniversary. Celebrating 20 years as a Solo Recording Artist, 1994 / 2014. Including the hit single "Blues For Gary Moore" (never released on an album). "Stormy Sydney" and "B Good 2 Me" (both live and unreleased). "Blue Outback" (surf remix). Plus 8 of the best tracks, from recent USA and European releases.,%202019%20March%20April%20May,%20Gerry%20Joe%20Weise,%20Blues%20Tour%20Australia.jpg
Blues Tour March April May 2019, 
NSW, VIC, QLD, Australia.
Dobro Steel and Knives Tour,
January and February 2018,
New Album Tour, November 2018, 
New South Wales, Queensland, 
South Australia.,%20Gerry%20Joe%20Weise,%20Australian%20Blues%20Tour,%201200.jpg
New Album Tour, October 2018, 
New South Wales, Queensland, 
New Album Tour, September 2018, 
New South Wales, Queensland, 
Victoria, Australia.,%20Gerry%20Joe%20Weise%20blues%20band,%20Victoria%20Tour,Australia.jpg
Victoria Tour, September 2018 Australia,
7 Sept, Blues Club, The Hub, Melbourne.
8 Sept, Community Hall, Charlton.
9 Sept, Blues Club, Village Hall, Echuca.
10 Sept, Campus, University, Wangaratta.,%20Gerry%20Joe%20Weise%20blues%20band,%20Australia.jpg
New Album Tour, NSW, VIC, QLD.
Australia. May April 2018.,%20Gerry%20Joe%20Weise,%20blues%20tour%201224.jpg
New South Wales Blues Tour.
Australia. February and March 2018.,%20Gerry%20Joe%20Weise,%20blues%20Tour%201200.jpg
New Album Tour, New South Wales.
Australia. January 2018.,%20blues%20tour.jpg
New Album Tour, ACT, New South Wales.
Australia. November 2017.,%20Gerry%20Joe%20Weise,%20blues%20Tour.jpg
New Album Tour, New South Wales,
Victoria, Australia. September 2017.,%20Gerry%20Joe%20Weise,%20Mitchell%20Creek%20Rock%20n%20Blues%20Festival.jpg
Month of Festivals Tour. 1-3rd Sept, Melbourne Writers Festival.
5th Sept, Sydney Fringe Festival. 8th Sept, Annual Wagga 
Wagga Show. 12th Sept, Blues Breaking Records Fest Chicago. 
15th Sept, Mitchell Creek Rock 'n' Blues Festival Queensland.,%20Gerry%20Joe%20Weise,%20Laon%20Blues%20Festival%20Tour.jpg
New Album Tour, New South Wales.
Australia. August 2017.,%20Gerry%20Joe%20Weise,%20Blues%20Gone%20Wild%20Tour%201200.jpg
Blues Gone Wild Tour, New South Wales.
Australia. April May 2017.,%20Gerry%20Joe%20Weise,%20Blues%20Gone%20Wild%20Tour%201200.jpg
Blues Gone Wild Tour, New South Wales,
Australia. March 2017.,%20Gerry%20Joe%20Weise,%20Blues%20Gone%20Wild%20Tour%201200.JPG
Blues Gone Wild Tour, New South Wales,
Australia, January and February 2017.,%20Gerry%20Joe%20Weise,%20Moscow%20Russia%20a.jpg
Sony Xmas Tour, Concert Hall,
Moscow, Russian Federation, 12 Dec 2015.,%20Gerry%20Joe%20Weise,%20Vienna%20Austria%20a.jpg
Sony Xmas Tour, Konzerthalle,
Vienna, Austria, 14 Dec 2015.
S.F. Blues Club, San Francisco, 
California, USA. 30 Aug 2015.
16 August 2014, Gardenstock Festival, Dixon, Illinois, USA.
15 August 2014, Henry's Double K, Mt Carroll, Illinois, USA.
Gerry Joe Weise USA Tour,
August September 2014
California, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin.