Cool papers my coauthors have written without me

One of my favorite elements of doing research is that I get to collaborate with motivated, intelligent, caring co-authors. But since we're not exclusive, almost all of my co-authors have written cool papers with other collaborators. Here, I celebrate their work with others (as well as our work together).

Maryam Akmal

Noam Angrist

Violeta Arancibia

Peter Bergman

Moussa Blimpo

Mary Breeding

Laura di Giorgio

Felipe Dunsch

Markus Goldstein

Susannah Hares

Brian Holtemeyer

Pamela Jakiela

Matthew Jukes

Heather Knauer

Katrina Kosec

Magnus Lindelow

Mario Macis

Ted Miguel

Melinda Moore (rest in peace)

Son Nam Nguyen

Anna Popova

Shwetlena Sabarwal

Brooke Stearns Lawson

Jakob Svensson

Waly Wane

Anna Welander Tärneberg

Fei Yuan