Database of Education Studies

The file below contains a list of all the studies with learning, attendance, or enrollment outcomes included in the following literature reviews. (Starred reviews are those included in Evans & Popova 2016.)

  1. Improving education outcomes in South Asia: Findings from a decade of impact evaluations, by Asim et al (2015)

  2. Identifying Effective Education Interventions in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Meta-Analysis of Rigorous Impact Evaluations, by Conn (2014)*

  3. School Resources and Educational Outcomes in Developing Countries: A Review of the Literature from 1990-2010, by Glewwe et al. (2014)*

  4. Improving School Education Outcomes in Developing Countries: Evidence, Knowledge Gaps, and Policy Implications, by Glewwe & Muralidharan (2015)

  5. The Challenge of Education and Learning in the Developing World, by Kremer et al. (2013)*

  6. Quality Education for All Children? What Works in Education in Developing Countries, by Krishnaratne et al. (2013)*

  7. What Works to Improve the Quality of Student Learning in Developing Countries?, by Masino & Niño-Zarazúa (2015) (subsequently published here)

  8. Improving Learning in Primary Schools of Developing Countries: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Experiments, by McEwan (2014)*

  9. Field Experiments in Education in Developing Countries, by Muralidharan (2016)

  10. Improving Educational Outcomes in Developing Countries: Lessons from Rigorous Evaluations, by Murnane & Ganimian (2014)*

  11. Interventions for Improving Learning Outcomes and Access to Education in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Systematic Review, by Snilstveit et al. (2015) [Summary]

Please cite this database with reference to the review paper from which it originated:

Evans, David K., and Anna Popova. 2016. “What really works to improve learning in developing countries? An analysis of divergent findings in systematic reviews,” World Bank Research Observer 31(2): 242-270.