Courses taught at Kiel University:

"Empirical International Finance". Master-level Lecture, Winter 2018, 2020, 2021. See Syllabus

"Populism and Political Economy". Master-level Seminar, Summer 2019. See Overview

Courses taught at Munich University:

Lecture on "International Finance" (Master level)

Lecture on "The Economics of Financial Markets" (Bachelor level)

Doctoral Workshop in International Macroeconomics and International Finance

Bachelor Seminars on “Financial Crises: Theory and Evidence” and on “Sovereign Debt”

Master Seminar on "Capital Flows and Financial Crises"

Lecture on "International Migration: Empirical Methods and Economic Implications"

Courses taught at the Hertie School:

Current Topics in Macroeconomics and International Finance

Financial Markets and Financial Crises