Proposed Projects

Technology. STEM. Safety & Security.

The Mendham Township School District asked the community to imagine the district in the future: What do you think will be most important to delivering the high-quality education we have all come to expect? Residents said they want to see more investment in technology, laboratory and STEM classroom space, and security and safety. The Jan. 25, 2022 bond referendum gives the township a path to fund these 21st-century priorities with state aid paying significantly toward the cost.

Bond Projects at a Glance

Mendham Township Elementary School

  • Renovation of the special education, art, and vocal/performing arts classrooms

  • Renovation of the multipurpose room (cafeteria), Media Center and nurse’s office

  • Security upgrades at main entrance

  • Innovation Labs for STEM learning and technology , and a Wellness Center

  • Outdoor classroom pavilion

  • Roof replacement, and new HVAC equipment to improve air quality

  • Addition of ADA-compliant door access and fire doors for safety

  • Exterior façade renovations

  • Replacement/repair of windows, flooring, ceilings, stairs, and other interior areas

  • Regrading and repaving asphalt at the basketball court

  • Parking lot paving, and new concrete sidewalks and curbs

Mendham Township Middle School

  • New Health Center (remodel of an old locker room used for storage space)

  • Innovation Labs for science experimentation

  • Renovated Media Center to include state-of-the-art technology

  • Upgrades to security vestibule

  • Renovation of technology, art, and vocal/general music classrooms, as well as the nurse’s office

  • Outdoor classroom pavilion

  • Roof replacement, exterior façade renovations, and new HVAC equipment to improve air quality

  • Renovation of restrooms and main office suite, as well as flooring

  • Addition of ADA-compliant door access

  • Parking lot and driveway repaving, and new concrete sidewalks and curbs

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In More Detail...

Innovation Labs for STEM Learning

Students in Mendham Township are encouraged and inspired to collaborate to solve real-world problems of the 21st century.

If voters approve, both schools would see STEM-oriented, project-based learning Innovation Labs that would provide flexible areas for students to create and build with their hands. The middle school labs would feature the equipment students need to conduct science experiments that prepare them for high school and beyond.

"Rather than asking students to memorize facts, the Innovation Labs would give students the space to think creatively about the world around them and to develop the 21st-century thinking skills that are needed to be successful."

— Dori Smyth, MTES STEM Teacher

Fire Safety and Security Upgrades

Safety and security are top of mind for families in Mendham Township. The bond proposal calls for several upgrades in this area, including the addition of interior fire doors and ADA-compliant door accesses.

Both schools would also see improvements to the security vestibules, including the installation of new packager passer/transaction windows and door release/buzzers, and modification of the video/intercom system.

Health and Wellness Centers for Well-Being

Approval of the bond referendum would fund the conversion of an old middle school locker room currently used for storage space into a Health Center with fitness machines for athletic training. The space would allow students to get regular physical activity, which can be a challenge in the digital age.

In the elementary school, a Wellness Center would provide one-stop access to counseling and mentoring outside the classroom environment.

Classroom Renovations to Expand Elementary School Offerings

In the elementary school, voter approval of the bond proposal would fund the redesign and renovation of:

  • Special education classrooms, including occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech, and small group instruction to support new and existing programming.

  • Art and visual/performing art classrooms with space for collaboration and programming that extends beyond our current capabilities.

  • Multipurpose room (cafeteria) to improve lunchroom traffic flow and allow for additional student capacity.

  • Media Center to support new literacy programs and collaborative work on projects.

  • Vocal and instrumental music space to provide more opportunities for musical groups, choir, band and orchestra, and dance.

State-of-the-Art Technology Classrooms at the Middle School

If approved, renovations would include:

  • Media Center to support the learning process and to provide modern technology for students, including flexible furniture and spaces to encourage independent and cooperative work according to their needs.

  • Visual art classroom to expand the district’s offerings for multiple media and provide opportunities to create visual and digital presentations.

  • Vocal/general music classrooms to create a separate space for instrument storage and enhanced technology, such as built-in speakers, charging stations, touchscreens, sound systems, and more.

Outdoor Classroom Pavilions for All

The pandemic highlighted the benefits of outdoor education and the need for more permanent open-air classroom space. If approved, both schools would see new pavilions with amphitheater seating and covered stages.

These spaces would provide additional facilities for our performing arts programs, with a planned outdoor theater/concert series. Community access for special events would also be a long-term benefit to Mendham Township residents.

Replacing Roofs and Parking Lot Upgrade

Our facilities are well-maintained but they are aging and need to be updated. After all, no significant upgrades have been made to student spaces for decades.

The bond referendum provides a path to fund these critical maintenance projects with state aid paying a portion of the cost. Both schools require roof replacements, and the asphalt parking lots need to be repaved to handle bus traffic. Construction would also improve drainage and runoff, and new curbs and concrete sidewalks would match exterior façade renovations.

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