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Voters say YES to School Bond Referendum on Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2022!

Unofficial results indicate that voters likely approved the bond referendum for Mendham Township School District! The tally shows 803 in favor and 285 opposed. That’s according to votes submitted at the polls on Tuesday and mail-in ballots received by that day. Additional mail-in ballots and provisional ballots will be counted as the Morris County Clerk’s Office completes and verifies the results, and any updates will be reported here.

The Board of Education thanks all voters who made their voices heard and looks forward to taking the next important steps for Mendham Township’s future.

Bond Referendum on Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Mendham Township residents are proud of the high-quality, top-ranked education offered to every child. It’s why many of them call the township home. The school district plans for continuous improvement and is asking the community to vote in a bond referendum to fund building repairs and renovations, tech-centered instructional spaces, safety and security upgrades, and more.

The special election will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2022. Our vision “Every Student, Every Day” comes to life through the community’s commitment to education.

What is a Bond Referendum?

A bond referendum is a vote in which the district seeks permission to borrow funds through the sale of bonds. This process gives the community a voice – and a vote – in the district’s future and is the only way for the district to tap into a specific type of state aid.

A Voice in Mendham Township’s Future

The Mendham Township School District started this process by listening to the community. The district conducted a survey to hear from residents, and solicited input from a committee composed of community members of all ages and stages of life, ranging from young parents to retirees, and families with deep roots in Mendham to newcomers.

Here is what we heard:

  • Our commitment to quality runs deep – and is the reason so many of you chose to live in Mendham Township. We’re proud when our schools earn the coveted National Blue Ribbon Award from the U.S. Department of Education, and again when U.S. News & World Report ranks our schools top five in the state.

  • When asked ‘Why Mendham Township?’ the answer is the schools. A new resident survey sent to 245 Mendham Township households in June 2020 found that 48% said the quality of the schools was the most important factor for their move here, and 72% said the quality of the schools was “very important.”

  • Our district stands apart from others for overall academic excellence, school security, and technology integration. In 2021, a survey of 296 community members, primarily parents (97%), highlighted those points of pride.

What’s Proposed for Schools?

  • With an approved referendum, the district would create modern instructional spaces to match the premier educational offerings that draw families to the township. A number of the renovations are designed to support student collaboration – a cornerstone of a Mendham Township education – as well as safety and security.

  • Both schools would get renovated Media Centers and new Innovation Labs, updated nurse’s offices and the restrooms within them, and outdoor educational pavilions for students and township residents to enjoy. The proposal includes safety upgrades that will make entryways ADA compliant and create security vestibules, as well as critical maintenance projects such as roof replacements, parking lot repavement, and more.

Mendham Township Elementary School

  • New Innovation Labs to inspire STEM collaboration and problem-solving, and a new Wellness Center to support the health and academic well-being of every student

  • Renovation of special education classrooms and the nurse’s office, as well as the art room, multipurpose room (cafeteria), and vocal and performing arts room to support our current and future programming

Mendham Township Middle School

  • New Health Center with fitness machines and other equipment to support regular workouts and a healthy lifestyle.

  • New Innovation Labs to promote the development of scientific thinking and experimentation, and renovation of the science, art, and general music rooms, as well as the nurse’s office

Learn more about the Proposed Projects.

How Much of a Tax Decrease?

The projects are estimated to cost $19.9 million, and state aid would contribute 37% to reduce the local tax share. The new debt will be a lower amount than expiring debt, so taxpayers would see a $97 per year school debt tax decrease for a home assessed at Mendham Township’s average of $905,519.

Recording: Virtual Forum

Mendham Township School District held a virtual forum on Jan. 12 to give the community an opportunity to learn more about the bond referendum before voting on Jan. 25. Residents were able to ask questions of Superintendent Dr. Sal Constantino and Board of Education President Gretchen Holquist.