Working from Home

Mindfulness Scavenger Hunt

If you are stuck at home, this is a GREAT idea. You can easily make your own for whatever area you are in: in the house, outside, in their room, etc. The sample above is an outdoor one - please contact me if you would like more of these!


I'm not sure about you, but nothing says doctor's waiting room like Highlights Magazine! They have a great website with all the favorites - just don't forget to let the kids play too!


The Exploratorium has put together a pretty cool website with activities, videos, and interactive experiences for kids. Check it out here and do some exploring!

Wide Open School

You will see Common Sense Media all over this page (I'm a fan!), but they have just put out an incredible resource that is extremely well-organized. Follow the links below to explore their new page, called Wide Open School, that has more amazing topics than I can even list here!

Wide Open School ~ Pre K-5

Wide Open School ~ Grades 6-12

Free Online Events and Activities

There are a TON of things happening online for students to engage, especially with read-aloud, art, and similar topics. Common Sense Media has curated a list of some of these events that are kid-friendly and happening on a regular basis. Check them out here.

Staying Mentally Well While Working From Home

This article has some ideas around healthy routines while working from home. It is written more for adults working from home, but can be easily adapted and applied to students

Brain Breaks

These are great for ideas when kids are bored, not sure what to do, and especially when they are engaging in academic work. Don't forget to give the brain a break and have some fun!!

Movement Apps

Our friends at Common Sense Media have helped us out again by curating a list of apps, games, and websites that promote movement and can be utilized while indoors. The top of the article has tabs that even sort the resources by age groups. Make sure to read carefully and note age ratings before downloading apps for kids.

Some Fun Ideas

This document is just some fun, more "academic" ideas for when you need something to do at home.

Lego Challenges

If someone in your home is Lego crazy like I am, you may get a kick out of some of these ideas. Sometimes the imagination is not sparked by a full box of Legos and needs some fun ideas to try! If your child builds something and wants to share it with me, you can definitely take a picture, email it here, and I will make sure to write back! Below is one of my favorite Lego creations to date!


Another fun activity to fill the time at home! Spell your name, spell words, spell anything you want with these fun and simple activities.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

One last fun idea for indoor time. A little challenge that the whole family can participate in, or that can be done independently depending on age.