Self-Care & Mindfulness

Self-Care Self Assessment

This Self-Care Self Assessment is a Google Slide presentation that students can interact with each day to learn about self-care, assess how they are feeling, and develop healthy practices of caring for themselves while staying home. A PDF version is linked here. Due to copyright, the interactive version cannot be posted on-line, but can be sent to HUSD families by emailing Rebecca.

Managing Anxiety

During times of stress like we are in now, it is important that we recognize and try to manage our own exposure and self-care, along with doing the same for kids. It's no easy task! Remember to be forgiving of yourself, we are all learning how to manage this and how to take care of ourselves and our loved ones in this uncertain time.

Calm and Connection Bingo

Another fun one while we are at home. Practicing some of these actions can bring about a sense of calm and connection during these times and uncertainty and isolation. Link to activity board is here.

Mindfulness Online Classes

These classes are designed for kids and include activities, movement, and read-alouds. They are being held online via Facebook this week, but recordings are available after the class as well.

Gratitude Rocks

Looking for a creative activity to do with kids that also promotes some positivity during these hard times - Gratitude Rocks may provide that! Kids love the artistic piece with the rock painting. Considering writing words that show what you are grateful for during this time, each day, or about those who are a part of your life. The possibilities are endless.

Breath for Change

This is just a simple breathing and mindfulness resources for families and children to practice. The guide is three straightforward activities that can be done at any time. Access the guide here.