Social Emotional Learning at Home

This week in Social Emotional Learning

Aperture Education is a company that produces and promotes Social Emotional Curriculum. They have been developing these weekly focused topic sheets with a quick strategy to implement at home to improve the social/emotional well-being of children. Their strategies outline how to adapt them to various age groups. It is a super quick read and incredible helpful! Click below to access a PDF of each topic.

Focus: Optimistic Thinking

Focus: Self-Awareness

Worries & Anxiety

This links to a list someone made of children's books specific to the topics of worries and anxieties.

Social Emotional Activity Board

The picture above is a Social Emotional Activity Choice Board. Just some fun ideas to try at home!

The S.T.O.P Practice

This article reviews the practice of S.T.O.P. as a way find calm when difficult moments arise.

S - STOP what you are doing

T - TAKE a conscious breath

O - OBSERVE your feelings

P - PROCEED intentionally

Home Activities

This graphic is 12 simple activities that help build Social Emotional Skills at home.

Toolbox Project

Toolbox unfortunately does not have an interactive website, though all students are taught these 12 tools each year in grades K-2. See how many of the tools your child can tell or teach you about and how they can use them during this time!

Apps to Help with Mental Health

If your child has access to a tablet and apps, there are many out there that can help with mental health, gratitude, and managing emotions. Common Sense Media has put together a list of some of those apps here. Please read carefully, especially in regards to recommended ages, before download apps for children.

Calm Down Room

This website was created as a virtual "room" where children can access a multitude of sites related to activities that are centered around calmness.

Click here to access it