TOSA Scholarships to Orff Levels Courses

TOSA Inc is offering six (6) scholarships of $300.00 each to members to subsidise attendance at inter-state Orff Levels Courses and an additional six (6) scholarhips of $300 each to members to subsidise attendance at the ANCOS National Conference Vision 2020 in Melbourne.


Each recipient must:

  • Attend the whole of the selected course or the entireity of the conference days for which they have received the scholarship.

  • Be prepared to run at a 1 hour session, sharing ideas and experiences from the course or conference, at their regular TOSA regional workshop.


The recipient must:

  • Be a current financial member of TOSA.

  • Provide details of attendance at regional TOSA workshops/summer schools.


This will be the executive committee.

All applications will be confidential.

The panel’s decision is final and no further discussions will take place. However, should the recipient/s subsequently decline

the scholarship or be unable to attend, the panel will reassemble and make another choice, using the same criteria.


Applications should be made in writing, not exceeding one typed A4 page, and should explain why the applicant considers

him/herself a suitable recipient of a TOSA Scholarship.

Applications should be marked “SCHOLARSHIP”, and be addressed to:

The Secretary


161 Kelson Place

Acton Park 7170

Or can be emailed to Angela Chapman at

The Selection Panel will meet and make a decision which will be communicated as soon as possible to the President,

Secretary and Treasurer and then to the applicants.