Our Services

St. Benedict’s provides assistance in finding appropriate housing, provides meals, support, as well as emotional, physical, and spiritual security for guests.

Staff and volunteers are on duty at the centre 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, and are available to assist you with practical and emotional support, information and advice.

When you come into the Centre a worker will assist you to identify your needs. If you wish, the worker will assist you to draw up a support plan. The support plan identifies how your needs can best be met, and the tasks which need to be undertaken by you and the worker. Referrals to other services may also be discussed with you.

Crisis support

St Benedict’s staff and volunteers will work with Guests in crisis to ensure that their immediate needs are met and they are safe. St Benedict’s staff are able to advocate for guests and provide referrals to other services.

Accommodation assistance

St Benedict’s may be able to assist Guests to obtain accommodation in an emergency where other agencies are unable to do so. St Benedict’s may also provide travel assistance for Guests to re-unite with family and friends who are able to provide accommodation.

St Benedict’s has access to a limited range of short and long-term accommodation and will assist Guests in their dealings with other services and Real Estate agents.

St Benedict’s workers will follow-up with any Guests that are in emergency or short term accommodation to ensure that tenancy requirements are being met and Guests are meeting the objectives set out in their support plan.

Advocacy and practical support

Advocacy and practical support are provided by St Benedict’s staff and volunteers.

These services can include referrals to other services, attendance at court, visits to doctor’s surgeries, assistance with dealing with NSW Police, Centrelink and other agencies.

Meals, tea and coffee

Hot meals are provided free of charge on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Meals are served at 12:30pm on weekdays. A simple lunch is served at 12:00pm on Sunday.

Tea and coffee making facilities are available during opening hours.

Shower and laundry facilities

St Benedict’s has shower and laundry facilities which, subject to approval by staff, are available to Guests in an emergency.

Food parcels

Food parcels are provided on an ad-hoc basis from goods donated to St Benedict’s.

A food parcels can be requested by contacting the staff at St Benedict’s and will be available for collection from the Centre by 4:00pm on the day.

St Benedict’s staff may deliver food parcels if Guests have restricted mobility.