Cast List & Crew Roles

Thank you all for auditioning and submitting applications.

Please remember not to tell others their roles without their permission.

Please see Mrs. Burnett with any questions. Schedules will updated weekly.

Thank you for all your hard work at rehearsals! It is really paying off! Please be memorizing anything we have done.

Mary Poppins

SLC Cast and Crew List 2020

Cast in Order of Appearance

Bert: Cole Zenger

George Banks: MaCaleb Earle

Winifred Banks: Chantel McCarthy

Jane Banks: Jennah Strawser

Michael Banks: Mia Snyder

Katie Nanna: Chloe Debyah

Policeman: Xavier Bresett

Miss Lark: Alannah Baker

Admiral Boom: Matthew Horan

Mrs. Brill: Hope Kilcollins

Robertson Ay: Jonathan Fraser

Mary Poppins: Savannah Adams

Park Keeper: Ayden LaBaff

Neleus: Jonathan Fraser

Queen Victoria: Elaina Sokalski

Bank Chairman: Xavier Bresett

Miss Smythe: Elaina Sokalski

Von Hussler: Matthew Horan

Northbrook: Andrew LaMora

Bird Woman: Emily Taylor

Mrs. Corry: Hannah Richards

Fannie: Ruby Passon

Annie: Emma Stevens

Valentine: Alexis Tobin

Teddy Bear: Sydney Miner

Mr. Punch: Victoria Valdez

Doll: Ramsey Tozier

Miss Andrew: Elaina Sokalski

Park Goers (Jolly Holiday)

All Chimney Sweeps


Danica Dishaw, Lillian-Rose Murray, Giada Rufa, Hope Plante, Logan Marcil, Leah Perry, Landon Ashley, Heaven Jandreau, Neveah Jandreau, Avery Marcil, Liam Marcil, Stella Todd, Alexis Crites, Lydianna Burnett, Alexis Pitts, Sophie Converse, Sonja Wultsch-Fuller, Emmelia Ward, Bella Fedonick

Chimney Sweeps (Step in Time)/

Customers (Supercali…)/ Kite Flyers (Let’s Go Fly A Kite)

Truman Burnett, Matthew Horan, Jonathan Fraser, Ayden LaBaff , Mikhaila Cootware, Mary-Cate Dow, Sophia Hartson , Camryn Miner, Sydney Miner, Emma Montgomery, Ruby Passon, Kaleigh Recore , Emma Stevens, Victoria Valdez, Xavier Bresett, Grace Chagnon , Chloe Debyah, Hope Kilcollins, Hannah Richards, Elaina Sokalski, Emily Taylor , Alexis Tobin, Ramsey Tozier , Cheyenne Wilson, Lydia Black, Jaelei Brothers, MacKenna Knapp, Camryn Miner, Gracie Olson

SLC Crew Positions for Mary Poppins

Assistant Technical Director: John Snyder

Sound: Veronica LaShomb

Lights: Hannah Henry

Grades 4-5 Costume Manager: Elaina Sokalski

Grades 6-8 Costume Manager: Hope Kilcollins

Grades 9-12 Costume Manager: MaCaleb Earle

Head Props Manager: Ali Fukes


Renae Kelley

Gage LaFlesh

Benjamin Phillips

Stephani Sherwood

Cast members as assigned

Hair/ Make-Up:

Ali Fukes

Emma Moreau

Stephanie Sherwood

Cast members who volunteered may do their own hair and make-up and one other person’s if time and space allows.

Painting Team:

Ali Fukes

Jilliana Hunter

Renae Kelley

Savannah Adams

Alannah Baker

Xavier Bresett

Chloe Debyah

Jonathan Fraser

Ramsey Tozier

Cole Zenger

Props Preparation/ Gathering Team:

Chloe Debyah

MaCaleb Earle

Emily Taylor

Ramsey Tozier

Cole Zenger

Alannah Baker

Truman Burnett

Sydney Miner

Emma Stevens

Jennah Strawser