Innovation Technology Trial

Suncoast Gold Macadamias

The Project

Using the latest technology to monitor the effect of various products on tree stress mitigation

These pages are designed to give an outlay of the trial in progress and introduce you to the companies that have collaborated to get it off the ground

NIS Laboratory Assays

All assays are carried out to strict AMS guidelines in Suncoast Gold Macadamias' Lab.

Top Performing Orchard for Trial Site

The trial is held in one of the region's top performing orchards


Pre-programmed drone application for accuracy and efficiency

Stress mitigation Products

State of the art plant stress mitigation products to aid the trees to cope with environmental pressures supplied by Novum Lifesciences and Agrichem

Sap Flow and soil Monitoring

Real time indicators of transpiration in the tree and available moisture in the soil

State of the Art Communication

Latest in field communication technology supplied by Rimik

Farm Management Software

A comprehensive software to cover all aspects of farm and trial activities supplied By Farm in One

Drone imagery and interpretation with artificial intelligence

State of the art Drone imagery and its relevance to the tree health supplied by Aerobotics


Contact Paul Hibbert to get more information on the project