‘The Colour of Shadows

When Seb Foxley discovers a child’s body in his workshop and another lad goes missing, our artist-cum-sleuth is perplexed at every turn. His investigations take him to Southwark, across London Bridge, where he becomes embroiled in the sinister shadows of the city’s underworld and nothing is quite as it seems. Bankside is a labyrinth of depravity and crime where every harlot intends the downfall of respectable men like Seb and every scoundrel has a secret. In a netherworld unlike anything he’s experienced before, can Seb unravel the murky mysteries of The Mermaid Tavern and what goes on behind its dilapidated shutters to recover the stolen innocent and restore him to his family?

Meanwhile, all is not as it should be in the Foxley household and lives are at hazard as Seb’s old nemesis returns to London. More than one noble lord is mad, bad and dangerous to know, as Seb finds out. About to become a father for the second time, arrested as a murder suspect and with his apprentices behaving badly, how is our hero ever going to win the day?