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Dear reader, I am Sebastian Foxley, scrivener of London and the creation of Toni Mount. My adventures are captured in a series of exciting novels which are revealed below ...

The Colour of Shadows - out now

When Seb Foxley discovers a child’s body in his workshop and another lad goes missing, our medieval artist-cum-sleuth is perplexed at every turn. His investigations take him into a labyrinth of depravity and crime across London Bridge to Southwark where every harlot intends the downfall of respectable men like Seb and every scoundrel has a secret. Seb becomes embroiled in the sinister shadows of the city’s underworld and nothing is quite as it seems. Bankside is a netherworld unlike anything he’s experienced before, can Seb unravel the murky mysteries of The Mermaid Tavern and what goes on behind its dilapidated shutters to recover the stolen innocent and restore him to his family?

Meanwhile, all is not as it should be in the Foxley household and lives are at hazard as Seb’s old nemesis returns to London he discovers that more than one noble lord is mad, bad and dangerous to know. About to become a father for the second time, arrested as a murder suspect and with his apprentices behaving badly, how is our hero ever going to win the day?

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The Colour of Lies

Is the latest thrilling installment of the Seb Foxley murder mystery series.

It is late summer and London is all a-bustle for St Bartholomew’s Fayre, with merchants arriving from faraway lands. When an old friend returns with fabulous items for sale, it can only mean one thing: trouble. As thievery, revenge and murder stalk the fayre, Sebastian Foxley – artist and sometime-sleuth – has mysteries to solve.

The Colour of Death the sixth tale of murder, this time in the close community of a medieval village, is available now, in paperback or on Kindle.

In a change to the bustling streets of London, Seb escapes to his home village of Foxley in rural Norfolk, but still gets embroiled in more deadly goings-on ...

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I love the new bookmarks for the Seb Foxley murder mysteries and my latest thriller The Death Collector

The Colour of Poison is now out as an audio book - listen as the stinking streets of medieval London are brought to life by talented actor Charley-Allsop-Parry

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The Colour of Murder

540 years ago, on the 18th February 1478 the Duke of Clarence was, famously, drowned in a butt of malmsey wine. Did he jump or was he pushed? The question has never been answered, so this was an opportunity for my intrepid investigator Seb Foxley – to finally solve the mystery.

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Five star reviews:

  • The beauty of the cover is juxtaposed to the horror of the murders.

  • Engaging and vivid ... not to be missed

  • Excellent characterization, plot and story line

  • I absolutely devoured this novel, best in the series so far.

  • It truly is a page turner

Book Cover

The beautiful cover is juxtaposed to the horror of murder as Seb Foxley unravels the story of the death of The Duke of Clarence in the Tower of London in February 1478. See the cover being created by Dmitry Yakhovsky here.

The Colour of Betrayal

Suicide or murder? Betrayal is Seb Foxley's fourth murder mystery:

As medieval Londoners prepare for a joyous Christmas, a local goldsmith seeks sanctuary in a church nearby, only to be found hanged there later... was it suicide or murder ...?

Five stars

historical fiction at its best! ... an astounding job of bringing you into medieval English life

Greetings, my name is Sebastian, my brother Jude and I are from Foxley, a small village in Norfolk, just a few miles north west of Norwich.

I was born in 1453, the year our lord king Henry, the sixth of that name, lost his reason; Jude is nearly three years my senior.

I'm an illuminator and Jude a scribe and we work near St Paul's Cathedral in the city of London, producing illuminated manuscripts. Most people in our trade work around here; stationers and bookbinders even store their paper in the cathedral crypt.

St Paul's Cathedral c1475

The late autumn grass, frost-rimed, crunched beneath his feet as he trudged towards his favoured spot beneath an oak tree, beside the Horse Pool.

The hedgerow was aglow with jewels amongst the last yellowing leaves; each gem dusted with frost – haws and rosehips like rubies, sloes dark as sapphires, delicate-hued pearls of bryony. But his artist’s eye was drawn to the diamond-strung cobwebs that draped the brambles.....

I am indebted to the talented artist Dmitry Yakhovsky, from Minsk in Belarus, for the beautiful designs of my book covers and the creation of our hero Seb Foxley. Not forgetting my publisher, Tim Ridgway at

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