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Outreach to high school women interested in computer science, Electronic Visualization Laboratory, 2013. Photo: Lance Long

I am a computer science PhD student at the University of Illinois at Chicago and a research assistant in the Electronic Visualization Laboratory. My research is in visualization 'beyond the desktop', and I explore how advanced graphics platforms- like ultra-resolution display walls and immersive 'hybrid reality' environments- and input modalities- such as natural language- might help scientists derive insight from 'big data' and machine learning models.

My work is interdisciplinary. I engineer environments and systems, and I design visual and interactive approaches, to solve data-driven challenges. This work is informed by collaboration with data scientists and domain experts- academics, researchers at national labs, and data scientists at a multi-national corporation- and observations of how people work and use technology.

I believe computing is for everyone. I have served in leadership and outreach roles for the women in computer science organization, and I have mentored a diverse group of undergraduate students in research projects.

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Photo: Lance Long