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Outreach to City Council & Next Steps for Block 7

  • We encourage all to share your thoughts with City Council in advance of the appeal hearing. Two councillors in particular to contact are:

  • The Design Commission's Staff Report will be distributed sometime between 10/1 - 10/8. Per this article it looks like it may be closer to 10/8:

  • Once the Staff Report is received, the community will have 14 days in which to file an appeal.

  • FOGH and the GHFL have united to submit an appeal. FOGH will schedule a meeting as soon as the Staff Report is received.

  • During our next meeting we will begin organizing testimony in line with the appeal.

  • FOGH will have a table at Goose Hollow Days Saturday October 9th!

    • We are looking for volunteers to help represent FOGH during the festival. Please contact Marily Weber if you are interested in joining:

  • Signs! We are working on creating 50 lawn signs to help bring more attention to the appeal. If you have lawn space or anywhere that you could place a wire stake, please let us know and we'll make sure you get a few signs when they're ready!

  • FLYERS are available in the community boxes outside 1129 SW 20th!


Now you can print your own flyers for posting. These are formatted for 8.5x11 and can be printed on all types of paper. PRO TIP - print these black and white on YELLOW (or any color) paper - save your ink!

Click on this link, then print the file from your browser or download the file to print elsewhere.

NOW is the time to express your opinion about Block 7/Modera Main

The following information was provided by the Goose Hollow Foothills League Planning Committee on July 7, 2021. While the Committee drafts a letter for approval by the GHFL Board at its meeting on July 15, we encourage individuals to submit their personal responses as outlined below. Please refer to Advice and Caution about Comments before you compose your response.

The city planner is studying the Block 7/Modera Main project and will make a recommendation of approval or denial to the Design Commission. The Block 7 project – the 336 unit/17-story/403 parking space apartment building planned for the “park” on the block just west of the Legends Condos – is on track for an August 5, 2021 Design Commission Hearing. Some info/links of importance:

  • Notice of Request for Response: (link)

  • Response Deadline: July 22, 2021 (please submit your comments to

  • City Report Issued: July 26, 2021

  • VIRTUAL Design Review Hearing Date: Aug. 5, 2021 @ 1:30pm (time not certain; web link will be provided when known)

  • Current Modera Main plan set, narrative, and storm-water report: (link)

Public Comments should be limited only to how the project does NOT satisfy the DESIGN REVIEW criteria set forth in the following Central City and Goose Hollow Design Guidelines:

• Central City Design Guidelines: (link)

• Goose Hollow Design Guidelines: (link)

Special attention should be given to the "Narrative Document" as this sets forth the Developer's checklist and arguments on why the various design standards are satisfied.

What to include in your Comments

DO respond to specific design review issues, by stating the item number or at least the section of the Narrative Design Review checklist and how it violates the design guidelines. For example:

  • If you think the sheer size (height and mass) of the building is inconsistent with the single family homes, two-story Victorian buildings, and smaller apartment buildings in adjacent blocks, cite City Guideline C4.

  • If you think the 400 parking spaces will encourage more car traffic rather than ease the parking burden, refer to Section B related to pedestrian safety and the walkability of the neighborhood.

  • If you’re concerned about the loss of open space and trees, cite B5, in which the developers concede that the size of the project requires removal of the existing trees.

  • If you’re concerned about the shade cast by the building over the surrounding residences, refer to Goose Hollow Guidelines, section C, which were omitted from the document.

DO be succinct. You are welcome to address as many issues as you wish, but frankly we think our responses will simply be counted. The reasoning behind the objections will be well defined by detailed letters from others in the Goose Hollow Foothills League.

What NOT to put in your Comments

Do NOT whine about property values.

Do NOT complain about loss of a “Dog Park” (it wasn’t ours to begin with).

Do NOT make a claim that you cannot back up.

Do NOT sound like we don’t value housing.

AVOID any kind of NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) comments.

Other Issues:

--building appears within view corridor CCSW16

--'Growth Parking' concept (33.510.260 p.58) is being used to dedicate 250 parking spots for the MAC

--City's Urban Forestry unit may insist on street tree preservation

--not shown on the drawings are utility poles and power lines that will remain in place after project completion

Help us stop Multnomah Athletic Club from developing Block 7!

YOUR active support is needed to avoid added pollution and traffic congestion, as well as the loss of open space in the neighborhood. Here are some ways that you can help get involved:

  • Join the Friends of Goose Hollow

  • Watch for Public Hearing notifications and testify if you are able.

  • Write a letter to the Multnomah Athletic Club or local officials. Here are some sample letters from our members to Benjamin Nielsen, Senior City Planner for the City of Portland: FOGH Sample Letters

  • Donate to help cover the costs of consultations and legal fees related to Block 7 development. Link to Donate

  • Show your support with one of our "Print Your Own FOGH Signs" and put it in the window of your home or car.

  • Pledge funds toward the purchase of Block 7