Why Hire a Professional Pet Sitter?

We get this one a lot, so let's talk about it!

WHY hire a professional pet sitter? There's a kennel a few miles away. The neighbors have a kid that you're sure would be happy to play with your pet. Perhaps the pet would even be fine if you left it alone for just a few days. All of these are options available to the pet owner, and we completely understand that! However, having a professional pet sitter allows you certain undeniable advantages.

  • Pets are generally most comfortable in their own home. They know they are safe there and are usually allowed more room to roam and to play.
  • We have a special love for exotic pets. Unfortunately, exotic pets are often deprived of basic out-of-cage playtime if put in a kennel setting designed for dogs and cats (we speak from personal experience here!). If left alone at home, they will be completely deprived of all out-of-cage exercise and interactions. A sitter will usually (and with us, always) take the time to ensure that caged pets get just as much exercise and interactions as the other pets in the house.
  • Professional sitters are trained for emergency situations and know CPR and first aid techniques specific to pets.
  • Pet care professionals are better able to recognize signs of illness, and will react accordingly. If they are like us, they can also recognize illness in various species. Perhaps your sitter will spot an underlying disease that you wouldn't have noticed until your next vet visit.
  • Pet care professionals are typically adults who can calmly handle an emergency situation.
  • Some situations are a little too complicated for children or non pet professionals. Try explaining chemical levels in a saltwater fish tank or heat and humidity levels in a terrarium to someone who's never been around them.
  • An adult is also better typically better suited for delicate or difficult situations. You probably wouldn't ask a child to stay with your geriatric pet.
  • By hiring a professional, you have the security of an insured business. This means that any damage to your pets or your property that occurs as a result of sitter negligence will be financially covered.
  • By hiring someone to come to you, you know that someone is checking on your home and your belongings. Not only does this give your home a "lived-in" look that can deter theft, but if there is a water or gas leak, we'll be there to notify you.
  • This is a big one for us -- Just because you CAN leave your pet alone, doesn't mean you SHOULD. If something happens to your pet the day after you leave on a three-day trip, you won't know about it or be able to do anything about it until you return, and by then it may be too late. Having someone to look at your pet assures their safety in the event something unexpected does happen.
  • Again, just because you CAN go for three days without cleaning that cage, doesn't mean you SHOULD. Think about how your pet feels about living in its own yucky mess.

Ultimately, the decision to hire a pet sitter or not is up to you. We encourage all pet owners to do what they feel is best for their pets!