Our Mission Statement

To provide all pets with the unique and specialized care that they need, and to provide them with the daily attention, exercise, handling, and playtime that's essential to their health and happiness.

What is an "Exotic Pet?"

"Exotic pet" has several definitions depending on the source you are using. We define exotic pets as any pet in a household that is not a cat, dog, or livestock. These include several species of: rodents, reptiles, amphibians, mini or pot bellied pigs, birds, fish, insects and arachnids, some crustacean, and some small mammals such as ferrets and sugar gliders.

We do not care for pets that are illegal to own in the state of Colorado, and reserve the right to refuse service for a pet that we feel we are not qualified to care for.

Our History and Inspiration

My name is Abby and I am the founder, owner, and operator of Chirp N' Dook LLC.!

This journey began in 2015 with an idea. Armed with a large "business" of ferrets, and following seven years working in a veterinary setting, I realized that there was a need for a pet service that was truly dedicated to knowledge about the care, handling, and health of these unique creatures. I were so afraid that if I left my little ones at a kennel, or with someone who's main knowledge is focused on dogs and cats, that they would be locked up all day with little to no interaction except to refill their bowl. Ferrets require daily out-of-cage playtime. In a worst case scenario, the caretaker might--perhaps through no fault of their own--not know how to handle a ferret, or identify if one is sick, and a mistake like that can have serious and fast consequences.

Surely bird, reptile, chinchilla, rabbit, mini pig, sugar glider, fish--whatever!-- moms and dads encountered the same challenges!

Your baby should never have to spend all its time in its cage while you have to be away (unless, perhaps if your babies are aquatic!). Having someone around who knows how to handle your pet, understand their basic needs, and can identify when a pet needs medical attention, should be standard.

Ever since hatching this idea, I've been researching, brainstorming, volunteering, and learning. In addition to being more than happy to take care of Fluffy and Fido (yes, I do see cats and dogs too!), I want exotic owners to know that we are here for their unique family as well!

The fuzzies who inspired me.

"Dook" is the sound that a ferret makes when it is playing happily.