Upcoming courses:

(4) Functional Analysis (Fourth-year honors analysis course, Glasgow University), Second Semester 2021/2022.

(3) Formal groups (Glasgow, SMSTC), Winter 2022.

(2) Non-Commutative Algebra (Glasgow, SMSTC), Winter 2022.

(1) Commutative Algebra (Glasgow, SMSTC), Autumn 2021.

Past Courses:

(7) Non-Commutative Algebra (Glasgow, SMSTC), Winter 2021.

(6) Modular forms (T.A. Leiden, Mastermath), Spring 2018.

(5) Analytic number theory (T.A. Leiden), Spring 2017.

(4) Curves over finite fields (T.A. Leiden), Spring 2016.

(3) Elliptic curves (T.A. Leiden, Mastermath), Autumn 2015.

(2) Local fields (T.A. Leiden), Spring 2015.

(1) Algebraic number theory (T.A. Leiden, Mastermath), Autumn 2014.


(5) Iwasawa theory and p-adic L-functions (Glasgow internal seminar, Autumn 2021-Present).

(4) Random profinite groups (Glasgow internal seminar, Spring 2021, Videos available on request).

(3) Local and global pro-nilpotent Galois groups (Glasgow internal seminar, Autumn 2020, Videos available on request).

(2) Smith's work on the 2-part of class group, I: a cycle of lectures co-organized with P. Koymans focusing on the work of Alexander Smith (Leiden, Autumn 2018, Videos available on request).

(1) The Brun Sieve (Kloosterman seminar in Leiden, Spring 2017).