About Wyoming Speech and Debate

Our Philosophy

    • The Wyoming High School Forensics Association and The Wyoming High School Activities Association believe that speech, as an activity, offers an unexcelled potential for promoting the democratic ideal. It follows that speech activities programs should be broad enough to provide adequate areas for maximum student participation. Furthermore, opportunities should be provided for each student to take an active part at the level of his or her ability to communicate.
      • An effective speech training program is designed to create a responsible citizen by offering realistic situations requiring judicious listening, intelligent speaking, and mature patterns of behavior. With proper guidance and motivation, a student, through the many speech activities, soon begins to develop leadership abilities and express ideas reasonably and persuasively. Through various speech experiences, a student should become more confident and poised.
      • By competing with contemporaries in the areas of communication, a student soon learns the value of careful preparation, disciplined rehearsal, and appreciation for excellence. It is necessary that everyone visualizes speech tournaments and interscholastic meets not as ends in themselves, but as important teaching devices. They provide the means by which students and teachers can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of presentations. By correcting weaknesses and by capitalizing on strengths, students are guided into self-improvement programs.