Envato Elements Stock Footage Review 2023

Is It Worth it?

In this Envato Elements review we will find out what kind of digital goods can be found in the library, look into licensing terms, and learn how the platform really works. We will also talk about its pros and cons, determine who would benefit from using the service, and discuss whether there are better alternatives to Envato Elements. 

Envato Elements By IMHO Reviews

Envato Elements Overview: Pros And Cons In Short


1. One, single-use commercial license.

2. A wide range of digital assets to choose from.

3. Unlimited download subscription.

4. Low price.


1. Even though the price is competitive, it may still be expensive for some creators.

2. Each item needs to be re-licensed every time you use it.

3. Videos are downloaded in .mov format and it takes a while to convert them.

Verdict: Is Envato Elements Worth The Subscription In 2023?

Yes, it is worth it. Envato Elements offers over a million digital assets at a very low price starting from $16,50 per month. If you are looking to make your creative mark on the world, or just want to take your projects to a whole new level, signing up for Envato Elements membership may be a good idea.

5 Reasons it is worth it for me:

1. Purchase once and no need to worry for the whole year

2. No need to worry about licensing

3. No need to worry about looking elsewhere, everything I need is in one place

4. Saves me a lot of time

5. My digital presence looks good and I can focus creating more content.

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Envato Elements Review:

Envato Elements is a good service that offers exceptional value for money. For $33/m or $199/y, you get unlimited access to millions of high-quality digital assets, including images, videos, music, graphics, templates, WordPress themes, etc. All Envato Elements assets are covered by a simple commercial license.

What Is Envato Elements?

Envato Elements is an online library that boasts over a million digital assets including video footage, audio clips, images, and graphic design templates. For a monthly fee of $16,50, members gain access to the whole library and can download an unlimited number of assets.

Why You Should Choose Envato Elements?

Whether you are a visual content creator, a web developer, or a freelancer, there are many reasons why you should consider becoming an Envato Elements member.  

Envato Elements library has a wide range of high-quality assets with new files being constantly added. What makes it stand out among other digital stock services is that there are no download limits, you can get as many files as you need. 

If you plan on using Envato Elements for any of your business projects, you have nothing to worry about - the subscription comes with a commercial license. 

Envato Elements members also gain free access to Tuts+, a learning platform that offers thousands of courses, e-books, and how-to tutorials on various subjects, such as Web Design, Music & Audio, Business, Photo & Video, and more. 

What Is Included In Envato Elements

Library: What Is Included In Envato Elements? 

Envato Elements library contains the following [but not limited to] types of digital assets:

· Stock video (4,000,000+)

Looking to spice up your content with high-quality videos? Envato Elements offers thousands of HD and 4K stock videos, logo stings, motion graphics, broadcast packages, and much more.  

· Video templates (74,000+)

Want to make a video intro that will get you noticed? Look no further, these templates have got you covered.

· Music (140,000+)

Does your video need catchy background music? It is easy to find a perfect audio clip among a wide variety of high-quality royalty-free music tracks from all genres in the Envato Elements library.

· Sound Effects For Video (350,000+)

Do you want to become the next best Foley Artist? Envato Elements can help make this dream come true.

· Graphic Templates (230,000+)

In need of advertising templates for your next resume design? Stand out by using one of these templates.

· Motion Graphics (527,637+)

Increase your brand awareness with a large collection of graphics from Envato Elements.

· Presentation Templates (91,000+)

Presentations don’t have to be boring! These templates will help you deliver a great confident presentation with minimum stress.

· Photos (6,000,000+ and 5M+ of stock images from Twenty20)

Sometimes all you need to create an engaging blog post is a beautiful photo to go along with it. Make your webpage visually appealing by incorporating professional photographs found within the Envato Elements library.  

· WordPress Themes & Plugins (5,600+)

Create a professional website easily using one of Theme Forest's premium themes and plugins.

And much more!

Are The Downloads Really Unlimited?

Yes! As long as you have an active Envato Elements subscription, you can download an unlimited amount of items from their library.

How Does Envato Elements Licensing Work?

As a creator, you probably don’t want to worry about licensing. Unlike other similar services, Envato Elements offers simple, straightforward licensing. Once you become a member, you are given full access to the library and can download as many files as you want. Every asset found in the library has the same “simple commercial license”. Under this license, you obtain the broad commercial rights to that particular asset, or “item”.

However, there are several important things that you should be aware of (and that the company doesn’t mention outright):

1. Items need to be registered on a per-use basis.

If you intend on using an asset more than once, then you will need to re-register that asset again to use it the second time. Each time you download an item, an asset is only licensed for single, specified use. To legally use an item more than once, you need to double-register it. (This can be found in your "Downloads" page).

2. You cannot re-sell or re-distribute assets.

For instance, if you download stock video footage from Envato Elements and re-upload it to Shutterstock then you will be violating the license terms.

3. Envato Elements prohibits members from using the assets as a basis for merchandising.

An example of this would be downloading a graphic from the library and then directly printing it on to a T-shirt for sale.

The re-sale of a graphic would have to be contingent upon “fair-use”, if for instance, you download a graphic or photograph from the library and then make substantial changes to it, then it may fall under fair-use guidelines. Fair use would enable you to re-sell this newly altered graphic because it was significantly altered from the original.

4. If you are delivering an end product to a client, then you will need to provide the client with a “Sublicense”.

A sublicense is essentially an extension of the license provided to you when you download the asset. To keep it simple, just visit your "Downloads" page and see how to get a sublicense.

5. Lastly, you cannot create a trademark or copyright claim over items used in your projects.

That basically means that you didn’t “create” any digital asset and, therefore, it is not your intellectual property. To keep it legal, and fair to Envato Elements, don’t try to copyright your final products when they were made using the assets from the library.

If I cancel the Envato Elements subscription, what will happen to my previously created content?

If for any reason, you decide to cancel your membership, you won't be able to use any digital assets from the library anymore.  

However, Envato Elements offers a “Future-Proof Licensing”, meaning that even if you were to unsubscribe from their service, you would still have broad commercial rights for all of your items that were registered before you ended the subscription.

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How Much Does Envato Elements Cost?

How Much Does Envato Elements Cost? 

Envato Elements is a subscription-based service that offers unlimited downloads for one flat monthly fee. The cost of the subscription is $33 per month. This is a great option for those who just need to use a service for a few projects. However, if you are a creative who is always in need of digital assets, then you might consider opting for an annual subscription that costs just $16,50 per month ($198 + tax per year). Keep in mind, that both of these options are only available for individuals. 

Envato Elements offers excellent subscription plans for teams starting at just $10,75 a month per member, and organizations and agencies.

Students can save 30% and get an unlimited monthly subscription for $23, or purchase an unlimited annual plan for $11,50 a month ($138 + tax per year).

Although some users would prefer having more subscription options, I believe that Envato Elements members actually benefit from this pricing structure. By offering a single price, the company avoids having to diversify the way its library is licensed. The fact that you get unlimited downloads of all the items in the library at one low price makes your life as a creative a lot easier, and in the long run, makes the subscription worth it.  

Envato Elements Free Trial 

At the moment, Envato Elements offers a 7-day free trial for both monthly and annual subscriptions. If for any reason, you don't like the service, you can cancel your trial anytime before it ends to avoid any charges. You can also create a free account and download certain items offered by Envato Elements at no cost.

Update: As of March 2023, Envato Elements no longer have a free trial option. Instead, they offer 12 hand-picked files each month for free.

How To Download Free Files From Envato Elements?

Each month you can download 12 files from Envato Elements that are selected by the team at no cost. To do that, you have to create a free account and download any - or all - of those files.

Downloading Items On Envato Elements How do I download from Envato elements? 

Downloading a file from the Envato Elements library is a relatively straightforward process. Once you have found a file you are interested in, go to its page and click "Download Item". Then you will be given an option of either licensing the item for Project Use or Trial Use. If you decide to license it for Project Use, then you will have to give it a name. After that, click "Download". 

One thing I don't like about Envato Elements is that all the video files are quite large - around 1Gb each and can only be downloaded in .mov format. Because of that, it takes a while to convert them afterward.

Does Envato Elements Have Any Coupons To Lower The Subscription Cost?

No. There are no coupons at the moment. However, I suggest that you check out the Envato Elements latest deals and discounts once in a while (especially around Black Friday/Cyber Monday).   

Best Alternatives to Envato Elements in 2023

Although Envato Elements might offer the best value for the money - especially considering the wide range of assets they are offering, there are other excellent stock media companies out there. And before you become an Envato Elements member, it is important that you consider other options.

Top 10 Best Stock Video | Photos Websites | Free & Paid

Here are just a few services that offer digital assets for content creators.

Artlist Max is an excellent subscription service that offers unlimited access to high-quality digital assets - royalty-free music, SFX, footage, video templates, and more. The prices start at just $29.99 per month. The quality of files is what makes Artlist stand out among other similar services - you can even get RAW/LOG footage there.

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2. Storyblocks

Storyblocks is a subscription-based stock video, audio, and photo platform, and in my opinion, one of Envato Elements' biggest competitors. Storyblocks has a library that offers over 1,5 million of high-quality digital assets. It doesn't offer as many products as Envato Elements and the monthly price is higher ($65 vs. $33 per month). However, it has a slightly better licensing - all assets are royalty-free and all the downloaded files are yours to keep even after you cancel your membership.  

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3. Vecteezy 

If you are a graphic designer, Vecteezy offers over a million of high-quality vector graphics for you to use in your illustrations. Vecteezy offers “worry-free licensing” that includes full personal and commercial use. Vecteezy also has a “Free Forever” model which is exactly the same as Envato Elements' "Future-Proof Licensing".

Vecteezy does not have a library as expansive as Envato Elements, but if you are purely interested in graphics then it might be a better option.

Vecteezy offers a subscription-based service called “Vecteezy Pro” which is priced at $14 a month (if billed monthly) or $9 a month (if billed annually).

4. Shutterstock 

Shutterstock offers a large library of video and photo content for creators to browse and download. However, it is a lot more expensive than the other services mentioned above. For instance, 5 HD clips from Shutterstock will cost you $359! There are also no subscription plans being offered. 

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5. Free Sites Like Pixabay or Unsplash

These sites offer stock videos and images uploaded by photographers and videographers for free. The assets are licensed under the Unsplash and Pixabay license which is free for commercial use and does not require attribution.

Obviously, the quality of the assets found on these websites is not the best, but if you are on a tight budget, you might consider giving them a try.