Gladiator-class Star Destroyer

The Gladiator-class was a small Star Destroyer that shared its keel design with the Broadside-class cruiser.[1] A ventral protrusion on the hull appeared to cover the ship's main reactor, but was also the location of several cannons. The class had two main thrusters and no visible secondary thrusters.[2]

It possessed an array of capital - grade torpedo[2] or concussion missile[1] launchers and turbolaser emplacements. Torpedo loading bays were located deep inside the ships, with automated loading arms controlled from a console next to the conveyor belt that fed munitions to the launchers.[2]

The Star Destroyer class was characterized by its extensive hangar area, with an opening in the bow of the vessel, that split the forward superstructure in two,[2] similar to the Broadside-class.[5] The hangar had enough room for several starfighters to enter or exit at the same time.[2] A complement of 24 fighters was usually carried to intimidate small frontier worlds.[1]

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