UnoArduSim V2.4 Released!

Post date: Jun 03, 2019 5:27:56 PM

Finally, I have managed to get the new version produced, with the usual minor bug fixes, plus some nice new features, all fully described in the new Help files:

a) A new Programmable I/O Device (a bare Uno board that accepts a separate program).

b) Edit/View text auto-completion for globals, object-memebrs, and built-in functions and keywords.

c) Added support for I2C slave mode, and fuller support for SPI (SPISettings, SPI interrupts, plus a custom extension for SPI Slave-mode programming).

d) The ability to save displayed Waveform data points (ctrl-S when inside a Waveform window). Digital waveforms now show finite rise and fall times at higher zoom.

e) Preferences and I/O Device files are now saved in translated form (UTF-8 encoding), but English I/O Device files still read properly even when UnoArduSimis set to another language.

f) A new Preferences option for autevo-insertion of line-ending semicolons.

Thyanks to those users who provided suggestions and bug reports!