The Dive Watch Bezel

How to use a diver (count up bezel) for a second time zone!

Works fine by dividing by 5 but easier to double and take a zero out! Of course you only get a 12 h GMT. This watch is set for a second time zone,7 h after. Take a look!

Measuring elapsed time

1) Align the zero mark “▼” of the rotating bezel with the position of the minute hand.

2) Then, read the scale above the rotating bezel, to which the minute hand points so as to figure out the elapsed time. As shown in the illustration, the elapsed time is 10 minutes.

3) Whenever you need to time a period greater than an hour, simply move the "triangle" of the rotating bezel and align it with the hour hand (sword shape). This is the start of your timing sequence, when you are ready to stop timing, simply look at where the "hour hand" is pointing to".

So one hour will have elapsed when the hour hand points to the 5 minute mark of the rotating bezel.

Two hours will have elapsed when the "hour hand" points to the 10 minute mark of the rotating bezel, etc,etc.

Set the “▼” mark to the scheduled time.

•You can now see the amount of time that remains until the scheduled point.

Measuring remaining time

  1. Determine your end time, for example, 35 minutes
  2. Follow this formula: 60 – end time (60 – 35 = 25)
  3. Rotate the bezel till the 25 position lines up with the minute hand
  4. If you did correctly, the minute hand now takes 35 minutes to reach the lumed pip’s position, the gap between them indicates your remaining time.

How to use the watch as a Compass

The approximate direction can be determined by comparing the position of the hour hand to the sun. Keep in mind that these determinations are approximate as there is some discrepancy at different latitudes and in different seasons.

Lay the watch horizontally and align the hour hand of the watch with the direction of the sun. The middle point between the alignment of the sun with the hour hand, and the 12 o’clock position on the dial, approximately indicates south.

Positioning the rotating bezel so that it points south, will then allow you to read other approximate compass directions.