• Econometrics for Behavioral Economists, Spring (Research Master/PhD), 2020 [syllabus]
  • Applied Econometrics (Master, Business Studies), Fall 2019 [syllabus]
  • Topics in intergenerational mobility (PhD), Spring 2015/2017 [syllabus]
  • Health economics (Bachelor), Spring 2014-2017 [syllabus]
  • HCEO Summer School on Socioeconomic Inequality lecture (PhD), Summer 2016 [summer school]
  • Applied Advanced Econometrics (Master/PhD, RWTH Aachen), Summer 2016 [syllabus]
  • Topics in Behavioral economics of education (PhD), Spring 2016 [syllabus]
  • Seminar: Identification of causal effects (Bachelor), Fall 2013-2014 [syllabus]
  • Introduction to mathematics for economists (Bachelor), Fall/Spring 2013-2017 [syllabus]
  • Discrete choice and duration models, teaching assistant (Master/PhD), Spring 2011-2013 [syllabus]
  • Introduction to economics, teaching assistant (undergraduate), Fall 2010-2012
  • Introduction to economics, teaching assistant (undergraduate), Spring 2006

PhD committee member: Laura Ehrmantraut, Larissa Fuchs, Lukas Kießling (completed), Fabian Kosse (completed), Klara Röhrl, Philipp Seegers (completed), Renske Stans