Great Links and Resources

Great Links of Information for Childcare Staff

& Homeschooling Families

A Homeschooling Guide to start you in the right direction.


HSLDA Homeschooling Advocates has the legal issues for all states plus other resources.

Wisconsin Parents Association is another great resource and advocate group for homeschooling in Wisconsin.

This site has specific homeschooling help and advice for Wisconsin.

Homeschool Central has great resources for preschool through high school. The resources include curriculum and more.

Homeschool Support Links:

The Homecchool Mom has plenty of start up help for all the states, events, and support groups and much much more!

Homeschooling Sports Links:

SWCHA's Saints is the Southeast Wisconsin Christian Homeschool Athletics program serving the homeschool community by offering a comprehensive program in competitive sports.

LCHSA provides an opportunity for homeschoolers to develop their athletic talent, build Godly character through competition and team work and make lasting friendships with fellow homeschoolers.

Educational Links:

Teacher Tools website with plenty of links to free printables, forms, awards, and more.

A list of links to educational videos on YouTube from several different Universities.

A one-stop Directory for information, supplies, services and support for the homeschool community.

Free Printable lesson planner book.

Science Projects for kids for all ages.

The Physics Classroom a great website to teach High School physics with great links to videos to teach concepts of Physics in everyday life.

Learning Ideas with video clips and educational supplemental material for K- 8 grade.

Colleges that are Homeschool Friendlier.

A great theater class lesson plan with links with plenty of information to study.

Learn all about Lapbooking and see if it is for you!

Free science, math and technical digital textbooks. Great site! You can print them out and they also have short videos through out each lesson. 100% Free, Personalized Learning for Every Student Create digital classrooms, customize textbooks, and learn K-12 STEM concepts.

The Easy Essay writing work place.

Progressive Phonics a Free All In One Reading Program.

Online Free Spanish for the whole family.

A great supplemental resource to help learn Spanish.

Math games online and coloring pages and coloring sheets.

Free Worksheets and more at Super Teacher Worksheets.

You can make your own worksheets at WorksheetsWorks.

ABC Teach has free worksheets for all ages and subject areas.

International Children's Digital Library.

Electronic Library.

Free printables for Pre K to 5 grade.

Study Jams has a variety of free math and science unit studies with quizzes, videos, and presentations.

A site that has many links to different free home schooling curriculums.

Educational videos for Pre K - 8 grade.

A poetry website that has plenty of resources and has plenty of resources on contests, style and formatting poetry.

The Story Place is a good online literacy website - elementary level. At the companion site, The Book Hive, find a book, hear a story, be an author, write a review, do activities, and more.

Here’s an online multilingual picture dictionary designed especially for ESL students and beginning English, French, German, Spanish and Italian language learners of all ages. There are activities to help remember vocabulary: flashcards, fill-in-the-blank, word scrambles, stinky spelling, and straight recall. Subjects include: Words, Vocabulary, Language, and ESL. May not be active enough for younger kids.

Here’s a huge, free online library of antique illustrated children's books that comprises over 10,000 pages and growing. The pages of the books are all scanned so kids can see not only the original words but also the pictures. Most of the stories are translated into various languages to achieve the project's aim of reaching out to children across cultures. You can access the books online or, usefully, download a compressed file of an entire book at once, so as a storyteller can read a book to kids using a laptop.

Where Else Can Kids Get Published? StoneSoup has a great list of print magazines that publish creative works by children – about a dozen for pre-teens and a half-dozen for teens – including its own magazine that comes out six times annually. If your Club doesn’t publish its own print vehicle for members’ work, have kids submit stories, poems, and artwork to some of these publications. StoneSoup also has a great archive of wonderful stories (179), poems (63), book reviews (76), and other projects penned by kids. Their belief? That young people can create works of astonishing power.

A home school site that I enjoy to look at and other home school families write reviews on curriculum, books, field trips, and now movies.

This site has a compilation of links to online educational games for kids. Lots of really interesting and fun games, like a game in which you are the doctor charged with keeping your astronauts healthy on a mission to Mars or a site that lets you build a virtual Roman aqueduct.


Store Discounts for HomeSchoolers

Barnes and Noble Bookstores offer a 20% discount on items used in the classroom.

Borders also has a teachers card that gives discounts everyday on textbooks or school related items. You just have to ask to sign up at the desk. I didn't even have to bring papers.

The learning shop offers a (10%) discount, but you need to bring in your copy of the DPI form or you might bring in our Milwaukee HomeSchool Group business card.

Tickets for Milwaukee Ballet school performances are available to homeschoolers for substantially less than their regular shows. For example, box seats cost $12 each rather than $80+! Contact Milwaukee Ballet to get on their mailing list; they start taking reservations in the fall for the year's school performances. (Usually they offer Nutcracker plus two other shows from the season's lineup.)

American Science and Surplus offers a 10% teacher discount on educational purchases. I showed them my DPI form and they made me a little discount card. It's a great store on the south side of Milwaukee, with lots of wonderful science materials. Here's their Address:6901 W Oklahoma Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53219.

Phone Number: (414) 541-7777.

Adventure Rock (at least last year) had Mondays as their homeschool day. 1/2 price climbing!


Please email me any informational links you found helpful and I will add the information to the page.