Introducing the Owner

Mary Schroeder

I am an Expert in the Childcare Field with over 25 years experience and a BS in Early Childhood & Exceptional Education from the University Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I have over 25 years experience in teaching children of all ages. In the community I have taught in a variety of settings including traditional schools, family childcare (my own), childcare centers, and an after school school-age program at my church. I homeschooled my son for six years and now have a graduated homeschooler going to college.

My love for children starts from my family life. I am the youngest of 8 children and was the family babysitter from day one. And loved every minute of it! Playing with my nieces and nephews was the best time ever. I easily expanded on all their playing to learning vocabulary, problem solving, and a variety of other cognitive skills. It just came naturally to me. This led me to early childhood education field, then to childcare, and finally homeschooling.

During the homeschooling process with my son it was easy for me to set up a system with my close family for support. I already had ideas for curriculum, subjects, and found some great in-person classes for my son. I eventually started my own homeschool group in my church with in-person classes and support for homeschoolers. It was a wonderful experience and a nice group of families. It grew smaller after my son graduated and I moved it into my house. I am looking forward to the following years and how it may grow and change. I am looking support some younger homeschooling families and move them from first grade through high school. This would be my ideal someday.

In Childcare I worked at a few different group centers as the Director. I helped one become a center of Excellence and another go through the NAEYC accreditation process. Now I have of course I am expanding to support other childcare centers, both group & family with consulting, training, coaching, and support groups. The training sessions are small. I would not mind a few more participants. I do love the intimacy of the small groups I have been having. It allows for more conversation to really help them with their individual classroom needs.