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The sequel to Red 5

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Breaking the Military Covenant

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About the author

I am a retired aircraft engineer, spending much of my career as an avionics and aircraft programme manager in the Ministry of Defence.

After retiring in 2004, I assisted families and Coroners in the Nimrod XV230 and Hercules XV179 cases. Also, Mr Charles Haddon-Cave QC’s Nimrod Review (2008-9) and Lord Alexander Philip’s Mull of Kintyre Review (2010-11).

In 2016, I published Their Greatest Disgrace, a personal account of the campaign to clear the Chinook ZD576 pilots (Mull of Kintyre 1994).

This was followed in 2018 by Breaking the Military Covenant, taking the 2003 Sea King ASaC Mk7 mid-air collision as its main test case and linking the failures to over 100 other avoidable deaths sharing the same root causes.

Red 5 is the final part of this trilogy, studying the true causes behind the death of Red Arrows pilot Sean Cunningham in 2011, and the subsequent persecution of Martin-Baker by the Health and Safety Executive.

The fourth part of this trilogy (!) is due out in 2021.

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The content of this website has been notified to MoD, the Defence Select Committee and Heads of the Civil Service. Much of it has been provided by MoD. The only restriction placed on me was that, before discussing a report submitted to a post-Board of Inquiry investigation into the Sea King ASaC Mk7 collision of 2003, I should request it under Freedom of Information. MoD then denied the existence of the report and even the investigation. I am therefore permitted to discuss both.

If any error has been made, please contact me providing details of the correction required.

What's it all about?

The purpose of this endeavour is to present evidence that:

    • MoD's systemic failure to implement mandated airworthiness regulations dates to the mid-1980s, not 1998 as claimed by Mr Haddon-Cave QC in his Nimrod Review.

    • Senior MoD staff and Ministers were regularly advised of these failings in the period 1987 - 2005 (i.e. before Nimrod XV230 crashed) yet denied the problems existed, misled Parliament and refused to take corrective action. This placed aircrew and passengers' lives at risk and led to further fatal accidents.

    • Ministers and the RAF’s Directorate of the Air Staff continued to deny the problems existed, even after the XV230 crash.

    • MoD knowingly blamed innocent individuals while protecting the guilty.

    • MoD's financial 'black hole’ and systemic airworthiness failings are directly linked.

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