Public Accounts Committee - Modifying Defence Equipment

Modifying Defence Equipment - A report by the Public Accounts Committee

Both the PAC report and the response/briefing to the Defence Procurement Agency's Deputy Chief Executive are included below.

It is important to appreciate the target audience (an Aircraft Integrated Project Team Leader and the Deputy Chief Executive) would fully understand (or be expected to understand) the subjects under discussion, primarily Post Design Services, are fundamental pre-requisites to a valid and verifiable Safety Case and, hence, an airworthy aircraft.

It was when giving evidence to this committee that the Chief of Defence Procurement, Sir Robert Walmsley, agreed the headline failings noted in the 1992 CHART report remained extant.

4.1.1 Modifying Defence Equipment - Proposal to DCE 11.1.00.pdf
4.1.2 Modifying Defence Equipment - Annex to DCE proposal 11.1.00.pdf
4.1.3 PAC Modifying Defence Equipment 26.7.99.pdf
4.1.4 e-mails regarding CDPs evidence to PAC 9.2.99.pdf