RLI Marketing Letter

Several years ago, one of my students can to work for our firm. To help her get a jump start in Land Listings, I created the attached letter.

Her instructions were to go to the county tax office and identify all property owners that owned 50 acres or more, especially absentee owners.

She mailed out 12 the first week and 5 for the next three weeks, then six per month after that. Within six months she had five Land listings valued at over $6,000,000.00. One year later she received a call from a lady that had kept her letter wanting her to list a $12,000,000.00 piece of dirt. When she inquired why she had not been contacted earlier, the lady replied I was not ready to sell when I received your letter and decided that when I did, I wanted you to represent me.

Go personally to the county office. Build a relationship with the employees. Do you homework and send out this letter or one similar to it. People will recognize the difference in you, a Professional Land Broker and the other Realtors®.

Use the RLI Logo....

Happy Land Brokerage,