B.K. Haynes ALC 100 Greatest Country Property Ads

B.K Haynes ALC, is one of the few authors to write about Land in the last 30 years. I strongly recommend to my students and anyone else interested in Land, that you get a copy of his new relaese..."Adventures exploring the 100 greatest country property ads and why they pulled" I do not have the ISBN number, but you can find it on www.Amazon.com. $12.95

Furthermore, check out his "How I turned $50 into $5 Million in Country Property--Part time And How You Can Do the Same" published 2004 ISBN 0-932586-03-1 Greatland Publishing Company.

Available on www.amazon.com as well.

Brad Haynes ALC is a true renaissance man and has been called the "Donald Trump of the Shenandoah Valley". He started from scratch and then made millions in country property before turning his attention to writing. He is the author of seven books, and host of the popular radio show, Valley of the Stars in Front Royal, Virginia. Having been a principal partner in the Branson, Missouri theatrical production, # 1 Hits of the 60's, he is now turning his attention to the film industry.

While others who made their fortunes in the real estate field are running scared and heading for the hills, Haynes is forging ahead with his own production company and working on his first feature film.

"Whatever he touches, turns to gold," says Jeanne Russell , producer of the

Valley of the Stars radio show.

Haynes' next book, Real Estate Adventures Volumes I and II are due to be published this year.