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Archie’s Pond Restoration Project

A leaflet about the Archie’s Pond Restoration project was distributed with the February 2021 newsletter - read it here.

The leaflet contains this How You Can Help section:

The Parish Council submitted an application to the Wingates Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund and have been awarded £5,000 towards the total cost, on condition that funding will only be paid when the balance of the project has been secured, which will be approx. £19,000.

It was suggested that now, just as in 1997, it would be beneficial to enlist community support, so we would like to form a Friends of Archie’s Pond Group.

No commitment is needed other than a desire to show support for the project and this will enable the PC to seek the rest of the funding.

If you enjoy Archie’s pond please email the Parish Clerk on

or call Penny Ford on 788278 to show your support.

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Kate Foreman Becomes “Freewoman of the Parish”

Members of Longhorsley Parish Council have unanimously agreed to confer the honorary title of “Freewoman of the Parish” to Councillor Kate Foreman.

Kate moved to Longhorsley in August 1962 and lived in Glen View with her husband Ollie and two children Peter and Sarah. The work of Parish Councils was part of her life as her husband had also been Parish Clerk too. She moved into her bungalow in Reivers Gate in April 2016.

As well as being a regular member of the congregation of St Helen’s Church, she also served as a church warden. Kate enjoyed being a member of the local Women’s Institute, the Carpet Bowls Club and the Embroidery Group which she represented on the Longhorsley Village Hall committee.

She was Parish Clerk to Longhorsley before becoming a councillor, passing the reigns onto Louise Douds in 2007. She was the first Clerk in Northumberland to study and obtain the Certificate in Local Council Administration and because of her hard work in achieving this qualification, Longhorsley became the first Parish Council in Northumberland to achieve “Quality Parish Status” in 2005. Her knowledge of the parish council was outstanding and her vast experience has been called upon time after time.

Kate has suffered ill health over the last few months and is sadly missed at the monthly meetings of the council.

The title of “Freewoman” can be conferred to persons of distinction and to those who, in the council’s opinion, have rendered eminent services to the council’s area. So, it was with great pleasure that members conferred this title to Kate in recognition of her Commitment, Dedication and Eminent service to the parish of Longhorsley.

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[Editors note: Peter and Sarah have kindly provided some photos of Kate over the years - see them here]

March Edition

The last date for submissions is February 20th.

You can email, phone or leave short articles in Millar's Village Shop.

If you leave an article in the shop, please include your phone number.

Please keep articles under 250 words, if at all possible.

Alan & Sue Etchells

Remember, the vaccine is only available on the NHS and is free of charge.

The NHS will never ask you for details about your bank account or to pay for the vaccine.

If you receive an email, text message or phone call purporting to be from the NHS and you are asked to provide financial details, this is a scam.


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Coronavirus Vaccine Scams Warning

(Was Breaking News)

ActionFraud is warning the public to remain vigilant as criminals begin to take advantage of the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine to commit fraud.

The rest of this article is not in the paper version.

• The NHS will never ask you for your bank account or card details.

• The NHS will never ask you for your PIN or banking password.

• The NHS will never arrive unannounced at your home to administer the vaccine.

• The NHS will never ask you to prove your identity by sending copies of personal documents such as your passport, driving licence, bills or pay slips.

See the full alert here

For more general advice see the Scams webpage on our Longhorsley website.

Quick Guide for Unsolicited Communications

Always be suspicious of unsolicited phone calls/texts - almost all are scams.

It's the same advice for all unsolicited calls, text, emails and letters.

• If you think the communication could be genuine then contact the person or company the communication purports to come from.

• Use your normal contact details or look for a reliable source.

• Don't use the link or contact details in the unsolicited communication.

• If it's a phone call, dial 1471 first so you can check that the line is OK to use, or use a different phone.

Above all

X Never give out any personal details.

X Never allow anyone to access your computer.

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Neighbourhood Policing Team

There is an on-going issue with off-road trial bikes and quads all over the public paths, bridleways and then going over the fields. We do have extra patrols to look at this and we are in contact with NCC to try to work out ways to prevent access to certain areas where they are causing the most problems. If you have issues near where you live or have land please contact the Police and NCC.

We are also continuing to have poachers out and about all the time. Some of these are local and others from outside the area.

Operation Hawkeye is a police team that address these issues and they have been running operations to target them.

The lockdown continues and if you are aware of any breaches of COVID regulations you can contact police via 101 or as a web submission and they will be followed up.

If you wish to report any incident please contact Northumbria Police on 101 or in an emergency 999 and for anything else I can be contacted.

Alternatively you can pass information anonymously via Crime Stoppers at or 0800 555 111.

PC Andrea Teasdale

07736 193262 or 101 extension 61181

Bedlington Police Station

101 extension 63526 open 8am - 8pm 7days/week

For Crime Maps, go to - the last reported month when the Longhorsley Tree went to press was November 2020.

In the last six reported months there have been 13 crimes reported in Longhorsley parish.

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Local Covid-19 Help Lines

Volunteers are still standing by should anyone require help.

If you are unable to make your own way to your vaccination centre and cannot get anyone else to take you, then you can call the Help Line and they will try to arrange transport for you.

Longhorsley Margaret Scott

788 499 or email

Wingates Carol Fowler

788 553 email

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COVID-19 Update

At the first peak in April Northumberland was seeing over 260 new cases of Covid-19 a week.

There was a second peak in the middle of November with more than 980 cases a week and a third peak at the beginning of January with over 1,200 cases a week.

From January 5th we have been in the 3rd National Lockdown.

There’s a summary of the current lockdown rules on our Covid Rules Jan 5th webpage - subscribe to Breaking News to get updates if and when the rules change.

By mid-February the most at-risk groups, including those over 70, should have received their first vaccination.

See the Breaking News article Covid-19 Vaccination Programme for North Northumberland for more details.

After three weeks this should give high protection against hospitalisation.

The vaccine will reduce the chance of catching COVID-19. However, like all medicines it is not completely effective - some people may still get COVID but the effects of the infection should be less severe.

Once you have been vaccinated, or if you have had Covid, you can still be infected and pass it on so the standard guidance still applies:

Stay at Home: NCC is urging people not travel to the county’s beaches and other beauty spots during the current national lockdown.

See the NCC news item Do the right thing and stay local, leader urges

Hands: Wash your hands regularly and for 20 seconds.

Face: Wear a face covering when you will come into contact with others

Space: Stay 2 metres apart from others if you can

There are a range of Vaccination Guidance leaflets available - see below.

If you don’t have internet access you can pick up a card with a summary of the current rules and a vaccination leaflet from Millar’s village shop or the Post Office in Longhorsley Village Hall.

See an A4 version of the card here and the vaccination leaflet here.

The rest of this article is not in the paper version.

Covid-19 Vaccination Guidance

  • Easy-read guide providing information on coronavirus (COVID-19) and vaccination - webpage - 8 page leaflet

  • Women of childbearing age, currently pregnant, planning a pregnancy or breastfeeding - webpage - 2 page leaflet

  • All women of childbearing age must read this leaflet before they go for vaccination.

  • Why you are being asked to wait - webpage - 2 page leaflet

  • Guide for social care staff - webpage - 8 page leaflet

  • Guide for healthcare workers - webpage - 8 page leaflet

  • Guide for older adults - webpage - 12 page leaflet

  • We have copied the wording of the webpage and created and updated an A5 leaflet.

  • If you have a neighbour who doesn't have internet access can you print a copy for them or let them know they can collect one from Millar's Village Store or the Post Office in Longhorsley Village Hall.

  • What to expect after vaccination - webpage - 8 page leaflet

Added April 19th: Guide to phase 2 of the programme - webpage - 8 page leaflet

See all the documents relating to the new coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination programme here

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Longhorsley Village Hall Committee

We are very pleased to announce that Paul Mooney has joined the Committee as our new Chairman. Jane Pringle and Gary Nicholson have also joined as co-opted members.

Although the Hall is still only open to Playgroup and the Post Office we are still working together to maintain and improve the premises when we can.

Using Grant funding we have ordered new seats. Some are all plastic for everyday use, and the rest are covered in a fabric that we can easily wipe clean to keep us Covid safe. [See Longhorsley Village Hall Chairs Available]

We had a full Covid Clean by AFR Cleaning on 3rd January and will have another when the time eventually comes to reopen to regular Groups.

Longhorsley Village Hall Committee

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Planning Application - Land East of Normandy Terrace

There is a planning application to build 9 houses on the land east of Normandy Terrace.

Full details on our Planning Application - Land East Of Normandy Terrace webpage.

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Post Office in Longhorsley Village Hall

Please note the temporary opening times:

Post Office Times

A full list of Post Office services available at Longhorsley can be seen here

Only one customer is allowed to be served at a time.

Those waiting to be served must stand at least 2m (6.5ft) apart.

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Longhorsley Takeaway Food

We will send out a Breaking News if we are notified of any changes.

The Shoulder of Mutton

Added Feb 11th: The Shoulder of Mutton will restart Sunday Lunch pick-up or local delivery from Sunday February 21st.

They will be open 12noon-2pm - menu and more details nearer the time.

Facebook The Shoulder of Mutton

Pizzeria Padre

Pizzeria Padre at West Moor Farm (by Forget Me Not Country Park) is open for collection every Thursday & Saturday 5pm to 8pm.

Order by 5pm Tuesday for Thursday or 5pm Thursday for Saturday.

See the menu and place orders at

The Flying Fryer

The Flying Fryer is normally here every Friday from 4pm to 7pm, depending on demand,

Please remember to keep 2m apart when queuing.

Facebook The Flying Fryer

07984 426 725

Monroe's Food Truck

Monroe's Food Truck is planning to visit Longhorsley Longhorsley on Sunday February 14th and Sunday February 28th from 4pm to 8pm.

From March they are planning to visit alternate Saturdays.

See their menu the Monroes NCL Facebook page.

Pre-order by text to 07568 096276 or message them on Facebook.

Click on the menu to see it full screen.

Mivesi Naan Truck

Mivesi Naan Truck will be here Wednesday 24th February 4pm to 8pm.

From March they are planning to visit alternate Wednesdays.

See their menu on the Mivesi Facebook page.

Pre-order by text to 07841 204532 or message them on Facebook.

Click on the menu to see it full screen.


Dou_h&Co weekly visits restart Thursday February 18th 4:30pm to 8pm 5pm to 7:30pm.

Pre-ordering only

07507 834 628 from Tuesday 9am each week.

You will be allocated a collection time and be sent a payment link.

See their menu on the Dou_h & Co Facebook page and

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Northumberland Log Bank

If you need wood fuel due to financial constraints, poor health, advanced aged or rural isolation we can deliver dry, seasoned logs.

There is no charge but you can make a small donation if you wish.

Contact Kate Thick

07900 963 234

Northumberland Log Bank

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Longhorsley Parish Council

The next Parish Council meeting will be held on 10th February, 2021 virtually via ZOOM, starting at 7pm, with a parishioner slot at 8pm.

Should any parishioner wish to attend, if they contact the Clerk, she will give out the meeting ID and necessary password in order to join the meeting.

Meeting notices are displayed on village notice boards, with minutes and other information found on the Parish Council website

Contact details for the current members are detailed below:

Clerk: Gillian Turner - 4 Lowther Close, Seaton Manor, Ashington, NE630HY

01670 812704 or email

Chairman: Iain Elliott

Vice-Chair: Tom Lowrie Councillors: Peter Boyle, Penny Ford, Kate Foreman, Victoria Pagan and David Pringle.

Car Parking on the Common

The remedial works to the entrance of the Common, including the installation of a hardcore surface and wooden marker posts, has been completed. Residents and users are reminded not to park-up on the entrance as this could prevent access for users of the area. In order to prevent damage to the surface recurring, the area has now been roped off with only authorised vehicles being granted access. The ground is not suitable for daily use by vehicles during wet weather as the ground is easily “churned-up” by over use, causing lasting damage which is expensive to repair.

MUGA Lighting

Unfortunately, there is a problem with the MUGA lighting system. At the time of writing, we are awaiting an experienced electrician to come out to investigate the fault. We are not sure whether the lights have “tripped” or whether there is a fault with the coin-box system. We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused and hope to have the fault rectified as soon as possible.

Archies Pond

Our Village Maintenance contractor has had to repair several boards at Archies Pond, which appear to have been damaged when horses were ridden along the boardwalk. This is a dangerous situation both to the riders, horses and visitors to the area. Signage prohibiting horses will be installed to hopefully prevent this issue from arising again. However, if anyone observes this practice happening please inform the Clerk.

Also see the article Kate Foreman Becomes “Freewoman of the Parish” on the front page and the Archie’s Pond Restoration Project leaflet distributed with this edition of the newsletter.

Longhorsley Community Award

Usually, the Community Award is handed out at the Annual Assembly of the Parish. However, due to the COVID-19 restrictions being in place during 2020 this was not possible. The Chairman, Councillor Iain Elliott, presented the 2020 Winners - Jan and Ian Millar with their certificate and bubbly on 19 December – Congratulations!

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Your County Councillor

It is good that despite everything that Covid is throwing at us, and now some unfriendly weather, our Council staff are still getting the jobs done that we all rely on - so thanks to all of them.

Locally, following concerns about speeding, I’ve asked that we carry out speed and traffic monitoring on the A697 at the north and south end of the village and I’ll use the data to hopefully encourage the Police to deploy the camera van.

And I’ve asked that we look at the possibility of creating one or two passing places on the Smallburn Road. For the sake of the traffic and especially walkers I will see if I can find the funding for this - although this may need to be in the new financial year.

Meanwhile - if there’s anything I can help with as usual please let me know.

Glen Sanderson (County Councillor)

07730 979 737

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Longhorsley Village Hall Chairs Available

As a result of ordering new chairs we now have up to 90 older chairs available to anyone who can use them. If you would like to have a look at them you can see them during Post Office hours from Monday February 1st.You must adhere to current Covid rules when inside the building.

Hand sanitiser is available for your use.

You must record your vist with our NHS Test & Trace system.

If you are unable to view at these times or wish to take any away please contact us to arrange a day and time to visit or collect.

A voluntary donation to Hall funds would be appreciated.


Q&A and cartoon supplied by 9 year old Reuben.

If you are of primary school age and want to submit an article, cartoon or picture, please email

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Macmillan Funded Financial Advice Service

Citizens Advice Northumberland continues to provide it’s Macmillan funded financial advice service throughout the latest lockdown.

They can help by providing free and confidential advice and information to cancer patients and their families.

See full details here.

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788847 or Jan 788151

Longhorsley Village Hall Committee

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Kids Corner

Q: What did the skeleton say at the feast?

A: Bone appétit