Drwing for a Photograph 2

More Drawing from a Photograph Part 2

More Challenges

Let's work with a slightly harder subject, maybe one with some curves or more complex in design. Time for another field trip--hey, it's beautiful out and it's great to be alive. Well, if it is raining, you can use a picture from a book or magazine.

As with your first project; set up your drawing board.

Again, trace the main outlines and shapes. Remember not to get hung up on details and when you get to landscaping, etc., just trace loosely around those areas. As you see in the example, I got real scribbly (I think this is a real word) and vague--but it works. You'll discover later that most of the trees and bushes in this style of drawing are nothing but squiggles and easy to draw. You won't need a degree in Botany.

Your first pass will be as before, a great character sketch.

Let's try something different on the shadow areas this time. Remember the warm-up exercises when you were drawing short lines? Working in one direction, either up and down or diagonally, hatch in the shadow areas. Don't worry if they're not uniform and precise (we don't want that). Practice your hatching technique. When you're on the phone on hold is a good time.

Note: If you run into an area in your subject photo that is not clear or confusing, just ignore it or better yet do the vague scribble thing. The area under the awning in my photo is one of those areas.

Your results are practically foolproof. If you took what you have drawn at this level and splashed a few simple colors on it, the results would be even more eye-popping. You're practically an Architect!

Let's go one step farther. If your subject has any windows on it, fill in some solid dark areas here and there. If you are trying to be neat and precise, you're doing it wrong. Messy is better. As you see in the example I didn't fill in all the windows, just enough to add that pop off the page effect.

Magnificent! If you don't go any farther than this with your instruction, look what you have accomplished. Be proud!

Want to learn more... I knew it!

Don't forget you can practice with as many subjects as you want. I encourage it. Your town or city is full of interesting buildings, not to mention exotic places where you travel.

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Produced by Jim Stilwell, all artwork copyrighted 2020