Some Tips that Make Constructing 3D drawings from 2D plans Easier

Tip #1: Accurately drawing the building height on your sketch

Cut out a copy of the front elevation you used from 3D Sketching From 2D Plans

Place the elevation on the horizon line of the new drawing. Mark the top and bottom and draw a vertical line. This becomes the True Height Line and the only vertical line on your sketch in scale with the elevation.

Take your sketch to this level as from the lesson 3D Sketching from 2D Plans.

Tip #2: Transferring doors and windows from elevations to your perspective

Place the elevation on your perspective as in the above example. It should be parallel to the horizon line. Draw a line from the bottom left corner thru the upper left corner of the perspective, continuing to the horizon line. This becomes a special vanishing point.

On the elevation drop dashed lines from the windows and from where they touch the bottom of the elevation converge the lines to the special vanishing point.

Now from where the red lines intersect the top line of the perspective, drop vertical lines (shown as blue).

Place the elevation on the true height line as in the example. Transfer the top height of the window and door as well as the bottoms of the windows to the perspective. I am going to let you take it from here.

Test yourself and add the side window.

Tip #3: Using the true height line to transfer other elements to your perspective

Let's accurately draw the side roof gable.

Place the elevation with the roof on the true height line of your perspective. If you don't have a copy that fits the perspective just read through this section for the concept.

Mark the top of the roof and converge a line to the vanishing point. Find the center of the side wall as before. Extend it vertically until it intersects where the roof ridge will end up.

Finish your gable.

You will find many other ways to incorporate these shortcuts as you progress to harder projects.

This was a lot of geometry mumbo-jumbo so feel proud!

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