Learning to Draw Buildings

Made Simple

A Fast & Easy Way to Draw Buildings for Those Who are Designing a Project, Showing Your Ideas to Others or Just for the Sake of Art

I will teach you shortcuts and tips to put your ideas on paper quickly and with little effort. These Free Architectural Illustration lessons are fun and easy.

You will "Develop Your Hand," Learn to be an Artist (old school) with the help of a Digital Camera and other modern innovations (new school)

Learn the Basics of Perspective

Learn to Draw Architecture from Photographs

Learn to Create 3 Dimensional Drawings from Architectural Plans

Learn to Watercolor Paint

Learn how to Photograph Architecture

Learn Freehand Sketching Techniques

And Much More...

Everyone has hidden artistic talent and together we will draw that out (sorry for the obvious pun).

This website will be useful to:

Artists and would-be Artists


Architects & Designers


DIY Designers

Anyone who wants an understanding of the basics of perspective and intends on progressing on to CAD

(computer aided design)

You can progress with these short lessons at your own pace and decide what you want to learn and how far you want to go. Have fun!

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Architectural Gallery 2

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