Where the ordinary becomes extraordinary

   Animal and machine merge in an exciting new form to create a wild
menagerie of fun! Designed to entertain and stimulate the imagination
and creativity of children. From an awareness of our energy sources,
both real and mythological to the realization that with a little work the ordinary
can indeed become extraordinary. And of course, the classic clash between good
and the forces of Eevil.

   The story settings involve many diverse locations, from the New Mexico desert
to Egypt to the center of the Earth. The concepts of time travel and alternate
dimensions also exist, allowing for unlimited story and play variations.

   The conflict is non-lethal, actually it is quite humorous. The Forces of Eevil can
be temporarily defeated with ordinary water, reducing them to jelly-like balls with
eyes. When the water is rung out of them, they return to their original form. The
Forces of Eevil’s main defense are energy depleting creatures called Amperz.
When the AnimaDroidz™ take a direct hit by an Amperz, their energy is drained,
temporarily putting them to sleep.

   The AnimaDroidz mission is to prevent the Forces of Eevil, from absorbing all
the worlds’ energy sources, thereby ruling the Earth. The AnimaDroidz themselves
are lovable creatures, a unique mix of ordinary animals, and hi-tech robotics.
Some are high performance vehicles in themselves, while the others possess their
own awesome action vehicles. Both the AnimaDroidz and their vehicles are
equipped with state of the art water weaponry.

   From the fascinating Mesa of Hope and “Frankenstein-esque” Lube Lab, to the
outrageous characters and vehicles and “badder than bad” bad guys, the
AnimaDroidz stand alone. This unique storyline in association with fast-paced
action and explosive hi-tech fun, combine all the elements that children love for
hours of interactive and imaginative fun. AnimaDroidz.

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Glenn Boyd,
Feb 8, 2010, 1:46 PM
Glenn Boyd,
Feb 8, 2010, 1:46 PM