I present very briefly the different projects in which I am/was involved. Last update 2016

My current projects are focused on the thermo-actuated migration in microsystems and on investigating the lubrication film topography in droplet migration in a microcavity

My recent research topics were focusing on the effect of confinement on diphasic systems, for which it is shown that using classical explanations maybe delicate. This is illustrated through three projects :
1) 2D foam coarsening
2) droplet breakup in a T junction
3) thermomechanical migration

Two systems were developed for applicative issues :
1) a dispensing microfluidic system able to deliver in a homogeneous way a therapeutic liquid through a microneedle array for transdermal drug delivery purposes
2) the fabrication of optimized resistor pattern to controle in situ the temperature in a microfluidic system :
    a) a system able to generate a homogeneous temperature within a micro-cavity 600 microns wide with a high level of integration
    b) a system able to generate a constant temperature gradient within a cavity

The transition towards microfluidics was done through to the project Mixing in Microfluidics. Actually  the system is able to generate either chaotic mixing or particle sorting, depending on the control parameters.

Turbulence : PhD thesis, in which I focused on the dispersion of passive tracers (both eulerian and lagrangian) in 2D-turbulence