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Projects   (Microfluidics since 2002) -------------------------------------------------------

See section "Research" for details

1.     Diphasic systems in microfluidics (2005-present):

(a) Droplet dynamics

        i) Effect of the disjoining pressure on droplet migration in microfluidic systems (since 2012): Bretherton–like classical laws have to be amended at low capillary numbers (below 10-5) as the disjoining pressure sets the lubrication film thickness. 

        ii) Measure and derivation of lubrication film topography of a travelling droplet in micro-Hele-Shaw cell (since 2014).

        iii) Determination of droplet velocity travelling in a micro-Hele-Shaw cell considering local surface rheolocy (since 2017).

(b) Droplet breakup/relaxation

        i) Droplet relaxation in a squared microchannel (2015-2018) underlining the importance of 3D effects.

      ii) Droplet breakup at a T-junction (2008-2009): Rayleigh-Plateau  instability criteria does not hold below a critical capillary number.

(c) Foams

        i)  Acoustics in structured foams (2016-2019): role of the liquid films on sound attenuation

        ii) Controlling foam drainage using a thermocapillary stress (2012-2015): by applying a temperature gradient along a cell it is possible to stop or even reverse the gravity drainage. Applications involve new materials (high mechanical resistance, sound-insulating…).

        iii) 2D foam coarsening (2005-2009): in a micrometric Hele-Shaw cell, a dry foam adopting a polygonal shape is actually wet in across-section, i.e. there is no film between two adjacent bubbles, but only a contact line.

(d) Thermomechanical actuation (since 2006): a versatile technology that allows covering most droplet elementary operations in microfluidics.


2.     Applied systems : 

(a) Angioskin (2005-2009)Microfluidic distribution system for an array of hollow microneedles for Intradermal Drug Delivery

(b) Shape optimization of heating resistors (2005-2009): constant temperature and constant temperature gradient geometries.


3.     Chaotic mixing (2002-2004): development and analysis of a chaotic micromixer in which a resonant regime allows sorting particles

Research Management --------------------------------------------------------------------

     3 current PhD students:

- Marc Pascual (2017-2020): Thermophoresis and energy harvesting.

- Donatien Mottin (2018-2021): Diffusion-convection-reaction at an interface

- Jacques-Teïva Baué (2019-2022): Investigating surface rheology signature on droplet dynamics


     9 PhD defended:

          -       Alexandre Mansur (2016-2019): professeur agrégé

           -       Margaux Kerdraon (2015-2018): engineer at Solvay

           -       Benjamin Reichert (2014-2017): Post-doc at IPR

-      Axel Huerre (2012-2015): Post-doc at Ladhyx

-      Vincent Miralles (2012-2015): engineer at Solvay

-      Bertrand Selva (2006-2009): professeur agrégé

-      Julien Marchalot (2005-2009): assistant professor at INSA-Lyon

-      Laurent de Vroey (2004-2008): project manager at Laborelec

-      Antonin Hoël (2004-2007): project manager Micron


    3 Post-docs: 

- Alexis Mauray (2018-2020) in collaboration with TOTAL

- Lorène Champougny (2016-2018: 33 months) : Acoustics in ordered foams.

- Zhuo Li (2010 -2011: 12 months) : Development of a high throughput system dedicated to cell toxicity studies. 


     35 internships  (L3, M1, M2, MIT, Erasmus)

Coordination of Research Projects  since 2013 ------------------------------------

        - 2019-2022 : Coordination of ANR ILIAAD (CE09).

        - 2014-2017 : Coordination of ANR TRAM (blanc SIMI 9).

        - 2013-2018 : Coordination of the project PALS for Région Ile de France DIM-NanoK.

     Teaching --------------------------------------------------------------------


2011-2018 Direction of the master M2 « Microfluidique »




1) M2 Microfluidique, at ESPCI (20h/year), 

2) M2 Soft matter and biological physics, ICFP, ENS-Ulm (2h/an)

3) M2 Fluides complexes et Génie des Milieux divisés, Université Paris 6, Paris 7 and ENS-Paris-Saclay. (15h/year), 


   Fluid mechanics:

1) Agregation preparation (french competition to teach in highschool and University), ENS-Rennes (26h/year)

2) Master Mécatronique M1, ENS-Rennes (30h/an)

Formation professionnelle :

 Summer schools (5), CNRS formation (2)


Expertises --------------------------------------------------------------------

- Participation to 32 PhD jury (présidente, rapporteur, examinatrice) and 2 HDR (présidente, rapporteur).

- Member of an evaluation comity of ANR (National agency for research) 2019

- Coordinator Physics and Chemistry of the ECOS-Nord program (Mexico and Colombia), french ministry of foreign affairs.

- Member of the evaluation comity at mid-term project of ANR (National agency for research) 2014-2015-2017

- Member of the evaluation comity of ANR (National agency for research) 2011-2013

Expert for different agencies (ANR, NSERC – Canada, ITC-Hong Kong, ISF-Israël, French regions…).

Reviewer: Phys. Rev. Lett., Phys. Rev. Fluids, Phys. Fluids, JFM, Langmuir, Micro. Nanofluid, J. Micromech. Microeng., Sensors and actuators…