Working Papers:

  • "The Backward Hustle: An Experimental Investigation of Tax Code Notches and Labor Supply" (with Doug Norton and Robert White)
    • Revisions Requested, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 
  • ''The Economic Relevancy of Risk Preferences Elicited Online and With Low Stakes" (with David Johnson)
    • Revisions Requested, Atlantic Economic Journal
  • ''Skill-Specificity and Labor Market Dynamics Over the Business Cycle" (with Manoj Atolia)
  • ''Changes in Mortality and Health Cost: Impact on Human Capital and Retirement Decisions" (with Manoj Atolia and Felix Rioja)
  • ''Optimal Taxation of Families with Endogenous Fertility" (with Louis Perrault)
  • ''Pollution and Unemployment Over the Business Cycle" (with Garth Heutel)