Working Papers:

  1. "Pollution and Labor Market Search Externalities Over the Business Cycle" (with Garth Heutel)

  1. "The Effects of Productive vs. Redistributive Fiscal Policies in Developing Countries" (with Felix Rioja)

    • Revision Requested, Economic Modelling.

  2. "Assessing the Impact of Informal Sector Employment on Young Less-Educated Workers" (with Javier Cano-Urbina)

    • Under Review.

  1. "Close Encounters of a Heterogeneous Kind: Understanding the Differential Impact of Social Distancing on COVID-19 Infections and Deaths" (with David Johnson and Alexi Thompson)

    • Under Review.

  1. "Changes in Mortality and Health Cost: Impact on Human Capital and Retirement Decisions" (with Manoj Atolia and Felix Rioja)

    • Under Review.

  1. "On the Determinants of Corruption: Evidence from Firm-Level Data" (with Seyedmasood Dastan)

  2. Skill-Specificity and Labor Market Dynamics Over the Business Cycle" (with Manoj Atolia)


  1. "The Effect of Corruption on Firm Investment in the Presence of Missing Data" (with Seyedmasood Dastan)

    • American Journal of Economics and Sociology, Accepted

  2. "Understanding the Economic Impact of COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Orders: A Synthetic Control Analysis" (with Aaron Sun)

  3. "Breaking Bad: When Being Disadvantaged Incentivizes (Seemingly) Risky Behavior" (with David Johnson)

  4. "The Welfare Effects of Infrastructure Investment in a Heterogeneous Agents Economy" (with Felix Rioja)

  5. "The Backward Hustle: An Experimental Investigation of Tax Code Notches and Labor Supply" (with Doug Norton and Robert White)

  6. "Are Online Samples Credible? Evidence from Risk Elicitation Tasks" (with David Johnson)

  7. "Moral Hazard in Lending and Labor Market Volatility" (with Manoj Atolia and Milton Marquis)

  8. "Labor Market Volatility in the RBC Search Model: A Look at Hagedorn and Manovskii's Calibration" (with Manoj Atolia and Milton Marquis)

  9. "Public Investment, Debt, and Welfare: A Quantitative Analysis" (with Santanu Chatterjee and Felix Rioja)

  10. "Asymmetry and the Amplitude of Business Cycle Fluctuations: A Quantitative Investigation of the Role of Financial Frictions" (with Manoj Atolia and Milton Marquis)

  11. "Optimal Public Debt Redux" (with Santanu Chatterjee and Felix Rioja)

  12. "Public Infrastructure Maintenance and the Distribution of Wealth" (with Felix Rioja)

  13. "Getting the Most from Matlab: Ditching Canned Routines and Embracing Coder" (with Patrick Henson)

Works in Progress

  1. "Optimal Debt in an Open Economy" (with Santanu Chatterjee and Thomas Lebesmuehlbacher)

  2. "Remittances and Precautionary Savings" (with Santanu Chatterjee and Thomas Lebesmuehlbacher)

  3. "After COVID-19: Public Debt Stabilization and its Impacts - the Argentinian Case." (with Felix Rioja)

  4. General Purpose Technology (GPT) and Economic Activity" (with Manoj Atolia and Milton Marquis)