My Research

I am an applied econometrician, with a range of research both published and in progress in many seemingly diverse areas of economics.

Work in Progress

Recent Output

Less Recent Output

Vaughan Williams, L. and Reade, J.J. (2016), "Prediction Markets, Twitter and Bigotgate", Kyklos, forthcoming.

Vaughan Williams, L. and Reade, J.J. (2016), "Forecasting Elections", Journal of Forecasting, July, vol. 35(4), pp. 308-328.

Reade, J.J. (2014), "Information and Predictability: Bookmakers, Prediction Markets and Tipsters as Forecasters", Journal of Prediction Markets, vol. 8(1), pp 43-76.


'Panel Estimation for Worriers', with Anindya Banerjee and Markus Eberhardt. Dormant.

'The Conventional Wisdom in Dealing with Heteroskedasticity Revisited', with Aris Spanos.

'Linear vs. Log-linear Unit Root Specification: An Application of Mis-specification Encompassing', with Aris Spanos and David F. Hendry, published in the Oxford Bulletin for Economics and Statistics.

Applied Microeconomics

'Punishing the Foreigner', with Edoardo Gallo and Thomas Grund. Oxford Bulletin for Economics and Statistics.

'Information and Efficiency: Goal Arrival in Soccer Betting', with Karen Croxson. Economic Journal.

Information Efficiency in High-Frequency Betting Markets, with John Goddard, Chapter in the Oxford Handbook on the Economics of Gambling.

'Detecting Corruption in Football using Forecasting', chapter in Handbook on the Economics of Football.

Applied Macroeconomics

'Imbalances and Business Cycle Synchronicity' with Ingo Bordon and Ulrich Volz.

Leader of the Pack? German Monetary Dominance in Europe Prior to EMU’, with Ulrich Volz, 2011, published in Economic Modelling.

For a more complete and up-to-date list of my published research, see my Ideas or Google Scholar pages.

I've also written some articles on Vox.