"Of The Month Award"

What is an Of the Month Award?

NRHH sponsors a monthly recognition program for student leaders in IU's residence halls. Recognize someone today by nominating them for an "Of The Month" (OTM) Award! Monthly winners may be selected to be submitted to the regional OTM program, and regional winners may be selected to move on to national OTMs. All Indiana University OTM winners will compete for the IU "Of The Year" (OTY) Award in their category

Nominations for the OTM Awards are due on the Fourth of the month. You may only nominate someone for their accomplishments in the month of recognition. (EX. A program which occurred in February may only be nominated for the February OTM Award). 

 Submit an OTM!  

To submit a Program OTM please go to the Program OTM Submission Form.
To submit a General OTM please go to the General OTM Submission Form.

Of the Month Winners:

October 2014
Bulletin Board: Nzinga DaDa (Wright)
Student: Duncan Heidkamp (McNutt)
Executive Board Member: Emily Kehoe (Collins)
Advisor: Emily McKnight (Union Street Center)
Resident Assistant: Sarah Sim (Ashton)
Passive Program: "Do it in the dark..." by Aaryn Eady (Ashton)
Community Service Program: "Jill Behrman 5K" (Rose) by Erika Hudson and Paola Flores 
Social Program: "Halloween Dance Party" by: Stephanie Bussey, Rose Johnson, Mark Shepherd, Mitchell Morningstar, Jordan Branson,  and Leigh Ballance (Wright)

Congratulations to each of the October 2014 OTM winners! We greatly appreciate all the work you do here at IU!

September 2014
Resident Assistant: Nicole Happ (Teter)
Spotlight: Daion Morton (Eigenmann)
Staff Member: Mary (Beth) Elizabeth Isenogle (Collins)
Graduate Assistant: Lindsay Luzania (Teter)
Advisor: Scot Krumbein (Union Street Center)
Executive Board Member: Makaela Hill (Wright)
Community Service Program: Lessons in Languages put on by Suja Sibi and Read Center Staff

Congratulations to all of the September 2014 OTM winners! You did a wonderful job this month! Keep up the great work!